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The Ideal HSB Highly Efficient Aliphatic Water Reducing Agent

2020-12-18 15:54:10  News

HSB highly efficient aliphatic water reducer

HSB (High Strence Bing) is a synthetic polymer sulfonated focal aldehyde carbonyl. Hydrophobic agent main chain is aliphatic hydrocarbons, hereinafter referred to as HSB. It is a kind of green and efficient water reducer. This product does not pollute the environment, and it does not harm the human health. It is widely used in the cement; its concrete reinforced effect is obvious;its slump loss is small; its temperature is low; it has no sodium sulfate crystallization phenomenon. Therefore, it is widely used for dispensing pumping agent, retarded, early strength, antifreeze, gas and other kinds of personalized water reducing agent. Besides, it can also be mixed with naphthalene series water reducing agent, amino water reducing agent,  poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent for compound use.

The main technical indicators of HSB highly efficient aliphatic water reducer

1. It is brownish red liquid in appearance;

2. Its solid content is > 35%;

3. Its proportion is among1.15-1.2

The performance characteristics of HSB highly efficient aliphatic water reducer

1. It has high water reduction rate. The mixing amount of 1-2% can reduce the water reduction rate to 15-25%.

2.When HSB is added into the concrete, it can reach 60-70% of the designed strength in three days, 100% in seven days, and 30-40% higher than blank concrete in 28 days.

3. It has high plastic protection: the concrete slump loss is small when passing through, basically no loss in 60 min, 10-20% loss in 90 min;

4. It is widely used in cement. Besides, it has good workability and cohesion, which is excellently compatible with other various additions.

5, It can significantly improve the concrete freeze and melt resistance, anti-permeability, resistance to sulfate erosion, and it can comprehensively improve the concrete other physical properties;

6. It is especially suitable for the following concrete: flowing plasticized concrete, natural curing, steaming and raising concrete, impermeable and waterproof concrete, durable freezing-thawing resistant concrete, sulfate resistant Marine concrete, reinforced, and prestressed concrete;

7. HSB is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive to steel bar, and it has no sodium sulfate crystal in winter.

The uses of HSB highly efficient aliphatic water reducer

1. Find out the best dosage through experiments, and the recommended  dosage is among1.5-2%;

2. HSB should be added to concrete together with mixing water. Addition can also be adopted later. When HSB concrete is added, the time of stirring concrete should be extended for 30s;

3, Due to HSB water reduction rate is large, before the initial setting, the concrete’s surface will excrete a layer of yellow pulp, which is a normal phenomenon. When concrete is finished, it will remove the color. Or after the strength of concrete, the color will be removed naturally. The water and maintenance color will be eliminated faster, without affecting the inner and surface performance of concrete.

Storage and packaging of HSB highly efficient aliphatic water reducer

1. HSB can be stored at -20 -- 40 degrees Celsius, but it shall not be exposed to sunlight. Its shelf life is one year.

2. Packaging: it shall be packed in 250KG iron drum or supply in bulk, or it can be packed according to user's requirements.

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