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The Classification of Water Reducing Agent

2020-12-18 17:09:49  News

What is water reducing agent?

Water reducing agent refers to the material that can reduce the amount of water for mixing and can improve the strength of concrete when the workability of concrete and the amount of cement remain unchanged. It also refers to the material that can save cement admixture under the condition of constant workability and strength.

What is the classification of water reducing agent?

According to its water reducing and enhancing ability, it is divided into ordinary water reducing agent (also known as plasticizer) and high-efficiency water reducing agent (also known as super plasticizer), which are also divided into first-class and qualified products.

According to its component materials, it is divided into :(1) water sulfonates; (2) polycyclic aromatic salts; (3) water-soluble resin sulfonates.

Ordinary water reducing agent should be used for concrete construction with daily minimum temperature above 5℃. High-efficiency water reducer should be used for concrete construction with daily minimum temperature above 0℃, and is suitable for the preparation of high-fluidity concrete, high-strength concrete, steamed and raised concrete.

At present, several commonly used superplasticizers on the market are: naphthalene series superplasticizer, aliphatic group superplasticizer, amino superplasticizer, superplasticizer, high performance water reducing agent, slushing agent NF, hardening accelerating and water reducing, sodium lignosulfonate, lignosulfonate, expansion agent, etc.

What can the water reducing agent be used for?

It is used as the cement-based building materials. It is suitable for mixing concrete, pumping concrete, precast concrete and various kinds of high strength and high performance concrete, especially for the condition of sand and stone containing mud and stone powder in the raw material of concrete.

What is the technical and economic effect of mixing superplasticizer in concrete?

(1) The fluidity of concrete can be significantly increased by keeping the mixing ratio of concrete unchanged;

(2) keeping the fluidity of concrete and the amount of cement unchanged can reduce the water consumption and improve the strength;

(3) Maintaining the same fluidity and strength can reduce the amount of cement;

(4) keeping the fluidity requirement of concrete unchanged can reduce water consumption and improve the frost resistance and permeability resistance of concrete;

(5) It can delay the hydration heat release of cement, reduce the temperature stress in mass concrete, and reduce the possibility of cracking.  

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