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Study on the Role of Aerogel in Lightweight Concrete

2020-12-18 15:44:12  News

Aerogel is a light porous, amorphous solid material with super thermal insulation properties.At room temperature, its thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.013w/(m•K), the specific surface area is 1000 m2/g, the density is 0.003 g/cm3, and it also has high hydrophobicity and good sound absorption and shock absorption function . Therefore, aerogels are mixed with foam.It is expected that the foamed concrete with low density and low thermal conductivity can be prepared under low porosity.

Current large wall-building materials will be characterised by having either low thermal conductivities and therefore low bulk densities and low compression strength or high compressions strength, high bulk densities and high thermal conductivities. It's according that the primary results of a probe project area unit bestowed, during which a replacement aerogel-based construction material is developed that exhibits additional normal heat-insulating and load-carrying properties. By embedding oxide aerogel granules in an exceedingly high strength cement matrix “High Performance Aerogel Concrete” is developed, which mixes the advantages of standard concrete (compressive strength, unlimited moldability) with the properties of a heat insulant. So far, numerous mixtures were examined in terms of their compressive strength and thermal conduction. The first results are very promising with compressive strength between 3.0 MPa and 23.6 MPa and thermal conductivities between 0.16 W/(mK) and 0.37 W/(mK).

Lightweight concrete will be ready by exchange the conventional mixture of concrete, either part or completely, with light-weight materials. during this work, by incorporating oxide aerogel particles into concrete matrix, we've with success ready a light-weight and thermal insulating concrete material, aerogel-incorporated concrete (AIC) ,with a density of 1.0 g/cm3, a thermal conduction of 0.26 W/mK, and a compressive strength of 8.3 MPa at associate degree aerogel content of sixty vol.%. Moreover, the density, thermal conduction, and also the mechanical properties of AIC will be controlled by varied the aerogel content. Scanning microscopy observations reveal that the aerogel particles area unit stable throughout the association of building material materials, suggesting prospects of mixing aerogel and concrete materials for construction applications.

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