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Stearic Acid Emulsifier

2023-05-08 14:10:02  News

Stearic acid is a natural saturated fatty acid that can be found in oils and is used by many bath & body manufacturers as an emulsifier for lotions and creams. It helps to bind, thicken and stabilise formulas by creating a loose oil/water emulsion that is easily absorbed into the skin. It is also a popular ingredient for use in cleansers as it allows for dirt and oils to be lifted from the skin and combined with water to remove build up.

Our bulk stearic acid emulsifier is triple pressed from a vegetable based fat source and is classed as natural saturated fatty acids - it has excellent skin-softening properties and can be used in conjunction with triethanolamine to form an effective emulsifier for cosmetics (it's what LUSH uses in most of their lotions!). It is also a useful additive for soaps as it hardens them, adding a firmer feel and reduces fragrance migration in mottled bars. It is also a great choice for candles, reducing cracking and providing a white (opaque) smooth finish and increasing the burn time.

It has been shown to be safe for use in cosmetic products and is considered a non-irritating substance by the U.S FDA. It is not soluble in water but is soluble in alcohol and can be dissolved by steam, acetone, benzene, ether and chloroform. It is a colourless, odourless powder. It is stable in extreme temperatures and has a good storage life.

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