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2023-03-07 17:00:03  News

silica aerogel supplier provides high-quality silica aerogels to the building and industrial infrastructure sector, as well as personal care products. Its silica aerogels are available in various formulations and applications. It also supplies specialty chemicals and performance materials that are used in transportation, chemical processing, oil & gas, agriculture, and consumer goods.

The world's most effective thermal insulator and energy efficient material, silica aerogel is distinguished by its high porosity, nanoscale pore size and crosslinking silica networks. This makes it a very poor conductor of heat, because air in microscopic pores represents up to 90% of its volume.

Aerogels have been a promising material for many applications, including thermal insulation, insoles and sleeping bags. They have also been applied to medical diagnostic equipment and health monitoring devices, such as blood pressure sensors, thermometers and ear tubes.

In addition, aerogels are a great candidate for energy-saving window materials. They have very low thermal conductivity U-value and are easily incorporated into glass windows via a dip/spin coating step.

Moreover, silica aerogel can be tailored for different degrees of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity through surface chemical modification. Such modification can be achieved with a variety of precursors, such as those containing organic groups or polymers.

These approaches are capable of improving the mechanical properties of silica aerogels and enhancing their thermal insulating capability. However, they are brittle and require further strengthening through the use of fibers or other reinforcements to ensure their durability.

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