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Several problems in the construction of cast-in-place foam concrete

2021-05-21 13:01:35  News

Foam concrete is a mixed gel of various materials and admixtures. Different materials of raw materials, different mixing ratios of materials, different properties of admixtures, different water-liquid mixing ratios, different operation levels of construction machinery and construction personnel, different construction environments and maintenance conditions will all bring about the quality of foam concrete products. Great influence is a construction project of multi-variable control technology. The intervention of every variable parameter will make a big difference in the quality of foam concrete. Therefore, the mixing ratio in construction is very important. How to solve the related problems that affect product quality in the construction of cast-in-place foam concrete is the focus of this article.

1. The influence of material mixing ratio on project quality

As we all know, the mixing ratio of materials in the construction of foam concrete is the main factor affecting the quality of the project. The performance of foam concrete is affected by many factors. There are many problems in quality control, and intelligent and automated construction machinery is still under further development. The mixing ratio, construction method, site management and other aspects of the cast-in-situ project of foam concrete are still in the initial stage of development. Tests have shown that the strength of the product can be increased within the optimum content of fly ash, and its strength will decrease after the optimum content is exceeded;

The same is true for cement. After the optimum dosage is exceeded, its strength decreases as the amount of cement increases. This warns us that the optimal amount of materials must be controlled reasonably, especially the addition of trace elements such as silica fume must be more precise.

Adding too much or unevenly will cause waste. Therefore, the use of a mechatronics uniform speed measurement system for control is an ideal solution.

2 The influence and control of admixtures on the quality of foam concrete

There are many admixtures for foam concrete, mainly cement foaming agents, accelerators, and water reducing agents. The matching parameters should be accurate. Such as cement foaming agent, the control of the initial water-liquid mixing ratio and the control of the foaming rate will have a great impact on the quality of foamed concrete. The mixing ratio control of cement foaming agent and other raw materials is not accurate enough, which makes the construction quality not stable enough.

The foaming agent control system currently in use can be divided into three categories, namely gear pump control, hose pump control and straw cross-section ratio control. In contrast, the gear pump control class is more accurate. However, most of the gear pumps currently in use are substitutes, which can be used in hydraulic systems, but the foaming agent metering system needs to be improved, because the substitute gear pump housing is made of aluminum alloy, and the internal gears are quenched by carbon steel. The hardness of the two parts is very different. In the case of poor lubrication, the aluminum alloy of the internal valve plate is very easy to wear and cause internal leakage. Moreover, the internal carbon steel gear has defects such as easy corrosion, fast wear, and large internal leakage, which directly affect the measurement accuracy. The reason is that the foaming agent is a neutral substance in theory, but in fact many foaming agents are weakly alkaline or weakly acidic, which will corrode the carbon steel gears in the gear pump to a certain extent and accelerate the wear; in addition, The foaming agent itself has a certain viscosity. If it is not cleaned or cleaned after work, it is easy to build up and block the distribution channel in the gear pump, which will increase the internal resistance of the gear pump, accelerate the wear, and increase the measurement error. The larger the value, the water-liquid mixing ratio of the foaming agent will be affected, the foaming quality will not be stable, and the product quality of the foamed concrete will be directly affected. This is also an urgent problem that needs to be resolved.

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