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Research on the Development Trend of Water Reducing Agent

2020-12-18 15:31:21  News

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a newly developed type with a "flowing" structural feature.

After being added to the concrete, the mixing degree of the mixture in the concrete can be enhanced, and a certain amount of fly ash can be added to the mixture to further improve the strength.At the same time, it has the characteristics of less water consumption and strong adaptability to cement, thereby reducing the amount of cement.

With the rapid development of the economy, the variety of concrete products is increasing, and there are increasingly higher requirements for buildings.At present, concrete water reducing agents are mainly developed in the following aspects:

(1) The research and development speed of new varieties of water reducing agents has accelerated.

Water reducing agents are developing rapidly, and many new types of water reducing agents have been developed.However, due to the late start, there are still great limitations in the research of water reducing agents.

(2) Develop a composite multi-functional water reducing agent.

As the strength requirements for concrete continue to increase, we are also striving to develop multi-functional high-performance admixtures.Strive to prepare higher performance water reducing agents,Through the water-reducing advantages of composite high-performance water reducer, high-strength concrete is produced, the cost budget is reduced, the economic goal is achieved, and work efficiency is improved.

(3) Variety of water reducing agents.

High-strength and high-durability water-reducing agents have been studied to a certain extent, but should not be limited to these two types.We should continue to develop new varieties, apply various new materials and process technologies, serialize and diversify varieties, and expand the market for high-performance concrete water reducers.

(4) Reduce the production cost of the water reducing agent.

Save costs in production and radically reduce unnecessary waste,Make full use of various industrial wastes,Constantly trying new formulas and production processes to produce high-quality water-reducing agents with high quality and low cost, making concrete water reducers more competitive in many admixtures.

(5) Strengthen the in-depth study on the method of adding high-performance water reducing agent.

Through a large number of experimental studies, the best blending method and the optimal blending time are selected to provide conditions for efficient production, and the role of high-performance water reducing agent is fully utilized to achieve the goal of maximizing benefits.

(6) Admixture standards are constantly improving.

In recent years, concrete admixtures have gradually developed, and there are higher requirements for the standards of admixtures.Therefore, the continuous improvement of the use specification system for admixtures and the introduction of new concrete admixtures with process requirements and specifications have become an indispensable part, making the market for admixtures gradually standardized.

The variety of concrete water reducer has been continuously developed and developed, and it is the most prominent in many admixtures of concrete.The application of water reducing agents in concrete construction is also becoming more and more widespread, and more and more people recognize that water reducing agents are adjuncts that play a key role.

The research and application of water reducing agent can better meet the construction requirements, promote the development of the construction industry, and further improve the construction technology. I believe that under the continuous research of researchers, it can have better development prospects.

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