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Properties and Problems of ACC Blocks

2020-12-18 17:21:01  News

1.What are the properties of ACC(Autoclaced aerated concrete) blocks?

(1)Workability: (a) ACC blocks is workability of concrete mixing as one of the most important performances of workability can comprehensive response you mix material viscosity, plasticity, fluidity and whether the characteristics of easy to apply, can use the slump cone cylinder on the performance of the various testing.

(2) The strength of the ACC blocks, it directly influences the strength of the concrete after hardening, its compressive strength, tensile performance evaluation etc., at the time of mixing, the degree of water and lime proportion and mixing many aspects, such as will directly affect the strength of the ACC blocks, the standard strength of the ACC blocks is divided into four grades, in the process of production can be on the strength of the ACC blocks has a variety of methods.

(3)The durability of ACC blocks. Generally, ACC blocks have good durability, especially in cold areas and zones, where the water level varies greatly or is in the saturated state, which has a great impact on the ACC blocks and is particularly easy to damage the ACC blocks. Therefore, the ACC blocks should have good frost resistance. In an impermeable environment, ACC blocks should have good corrosion resistance and permeability.

2. The ACC blocks wall cracks

1Material problems. Most ACC blocks have brittleness. In the process of making ACC blocks, one of the steps is dry shrinkage. The degree of dry shrinkage directly affects whether cracks will appear in the wall.

2Problem of wall design: when the foundation of ACC blocks is not well laid, the weight borne on the wall is not uniform, which is easy to cause cracks in the wall.

3. ACC blocks wall cracks when the measures

(1) In order to reduce the damage to the wall, it can be built in the construction of the building, the outer wall of the building with steel. The key to preventing cracks in the ACC blocks walls is to make the difference between the temperature inside the house and the temperature between the walls smaller. Therefore, the insulation layer and insulation layer are used to isolate the walls to reach the thickness of insulation.

(2) During construction, each floor is required to be built by the same worker, because each worker's technique is different and the proportion used is also different, so it is required to be completed by the same person. If a brick has been laid by accident, be sure to rebrick it, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of cracks. It is time to paint the walls, also make sure that the insulation layer and insulation layer are finished after painting the walls.

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