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Problems Caused by Excessive Water Consumption of Lightweight Concrete

2020-12-18 16:59:43  News

Excessive water consumption can lead to quality problems of Lightweight Concrete. It will definitely have a serious impact on the Lightweight Concrete market.What are the main problems in the construction of Lightweight Concrete?

The excessive water consumption of Lightweight Concrete leads to the decline of the overall quality of Lightweight Concrete. It is known that the mixing of concrete water-cement ratio is an important technical indicator. When the amount of water exceeds the amount of water used for hydration of the cement, the greater the amount of water, the lower the strength of the concrete. When the water consumption is too large, it will cause defects such as looseness and cracks in the concrete. Therefore, in the process of mixing concrete, the water consumption should be controlled as much as possible, and if necessary, the method of adding a water reducing agent should be used to ensure the quality of the concrete. Lightweight Concrete is a type of concrete that also requires control of water usage. In actual construction, the water consumption of Lightweight Concrete can not be effectively controlled. Once the water consumption exceeds a certain range, the cement will produce obvious precipitation and segregation. The Lightweight Concrete has uneven density on the upper and lower sides, low surface strength, and a layer of cement slurry on the bottom layer. In addition, too much moisture will slowly evaporate during the solidification process of the cement, and the void left after evaporation is a gap that is connected without closing, which is extremely unfavorable for the heat preservation effect. Therefore, excessive water consumption is extremely harmful to Lightweight Concrete. Some construction companies can't recognize this point. In order to increase their liquidity and facilitate construction, the water-cement ratio is very large, and it is also known as “self-leveling”. This makes it difficult to meet the requirements of important physical properties such as thermal conductivity, density and compressive strength of Lightweight Concrete.

Strictly control the water-cement ratio, and change the "self-leveling" into a combination of "self-flow" and "scratch". Controlling the water-cement ratio of Lightweight Concrete is one of the important measures to ensure the quality of construction. In some cities of China, there have been successful experiences in using Lightweight Concrete as roofing insulation. To make roofing, Lightweight Concrete must have a certain consistency to solve the need to find a slope.

Practice has proved that after the water-cement ratio has been lowered, the consistency has gone up, which can meet the requirements of the slope on the structure and ensure the quality of the Lightweight Concrete. The cells are uniform, dense and independent. Of course, to do the floor heating insulation layer, do not need to be as thick as the roof. For ease of construction, the consistency can be suitably lower. The control of the water-cement ratio is not a fixed value. It should be adjusted according to the dryness and wetness of the ground, the temperature and the humidity. Normally, the water-cement ratio is generally controlled at around 0.55. Such a water-cement ratio, the consistency of the Lightweight Concrete may be larger, it is difficult to achieve "self-leveling", but combined with "scratch flat" for leveling, can completely meet the requirements of flatness. By controlling the water consumption reasonably and effectively, the overall quality of the Lightweight Concrete can be significantly improved.Other than this,Water reducing agent can be used in this process.Water reducing agent can help you solve this problem very well.

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