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Prefabricated building vigorously promotes background analysis

2020-12-18 17:09:07  News

Advantages of prefabricated buildings

  • Fighting Climate Warming

Traditional construction and the acquisition of materials emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, which must be abandoned and changed. The ecological environment is imminent, and we should not discard it.

  • Environmental protection

China's construction waste accounts for 30% to 40% of the total urban waste. Not only does it occupy a large amount of land, it also consumes a large amount of waste removal freight, and also causes serious environmental pollution. At the same time, new lightweight concrete materials such as foamed cement products are used in prefabricated buildings, which have obvious thermal insulation

  • Solving the problem of housing prices

Long-term peace has brought real estate prices all over the world, but people's desires can't keep up with income. Prefabricated buildings can quickly and economically provide high-quality housing and meet residential needs.

  • Adapt to future lifestyles

Artificial intelligence will save a lot of human resources and transportation costs. Knowledge-creative occupations will become the mainstream of the workplace. Only computers and networks are needed, and work is no longer held in one place. It is like a more free and nomadic life. Small houses will also become a future trend.

  • Hundred schools of contention

Having said so much, you can find an idea that prefabricated construction is already the general trend. All domestic industries related to the construction industry have consistently recognized the wind direction and began to the layout.

Today, all the players in the home furnishing industry including the upstream building materials industry, midstream brands (cabinets, flooring, tiles, ceilings, etc.), design companies, and downstream e-commerce providers, have launched so-called "big home services" and "One-stop house-to-house custom," these are undoubtedly the sight of prefabricated building, and they all want to grab a cup of market share.

Hundreds of contentions have emerged, but who will become the leader of the Warring States Period in the construction industry? It remains to be seen. After all, most of the cases we see are failure cases, money-burning models, and innovations in sales theory. What we see is proper technology research and development, an integrated industry, and practical actions to solve consumer pain points, which constitutes a scuffle in the market today.

Future construction real estate becomes movable

A prefabricated building, technological intelligence + green environmental protection + social justice, is a new future to solve contemporary social and ecological problems. It will use information technology to promote the transformation of the industry further, lead future buildings to achieve "customized production," and ultimately subvert the existing industrial logic.

In the future, the development of building assembly means that the building industry is fully industrialized. Industrialization represents demand, standardization, and standardization. At the same time, it also represents the integration of intelligent technology into home life. Manufacturers are more compliant with green environmental protection regulations. The house slave class was freely liberated, and the prefabricated building would become a field of practice for an ideal life in the future. Compared with the previous traditional architecture, it is like a plant, fixed on the spot, and the reconstruction can only be removed, and it can only meet the function of a single residence. In the future, buildings are "animals," they can move freely, they can adjust their services in response to changes in demand, and provide a variety of attitudes to life.

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