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Performance comparison of Lightweight concrete and Ceramsite concrete

2020-12-18 16:19:08  News

Dry density

The dry density of lightweight concrete ranges from 150 to 1600 kg/m3, and the dry density of ceramsite concrete is ≥800 kg/m3, and the dry density of 400 to 800 kg / m3 is the most commonly used density range for such filled insulation materials. In contrast, lightweight concrete has a broader range of options than ceramsite concrete.


The thermal conductivity of lightweight concrete increases with the increase of dry density. The thermal conductivity of lightweight concrete commonly used in 400-800kg / m3 is between 0.08 -0.23 W/m•K . In contrast, the dry mass of ceramsite concrete is ≥800kg/m3, Thermal conductivity ≥0.23W/m•K, in terms of thermal insulation performance, lightweight concrete is far superior to ceramsite concrete.

Waterproof performance

Although lightweight concrete is a high-porosity material, due to its unique closed bubble structure, lightweight concrete has a low water absorption rate, usually ≤10%, and ceramsite concrete is mainly filled with a large amount of ceramsite, which reduces ceramsite concrete itself Density. Still, ceramsite has a high water absorption rate. Therefore, lightweight concrete has better waterproof performance than ceramsite concrete.


Lightweight concrete is a high fluidity cement-based foam mixed material with excellent workability and functional integrity. Ceramsite concrete, due to the low density of ceramsite, is mixed with cement slurry and ceramsite floats up, resulting in severe stratification of ceramsite concrete, poor material homogeneity, and poor overall performance.


Due to the lack of aggregates and high flow characteristics, lightweight concrete can be pumped with all density of lightweight concrete, and both piston pumps and screw pumps can be used. Since ceramsite concrete contains a large amount of lightweight aggregate, piston pumps must be used. The density of ceramsite concrete must be ≥1000kg / m3, so ceramsite concrete has poor construction performance, and foam concrete construction is convenient and flexible.


Lightweight concrete can use both on-site mixing and on-site pumping and factory-mixed car delivery site hose pumping methods, which can be flexible according to the size of the construction site and the equipment covers a small area. In contrast, ceramsite concrete can only be used on-site The pumping method has high requirements on transportation and on-site venues.


Lightweight concrete adopts hose pumping to self-leveling, surface leveling is very convenient. In many cases, ceramsite concrete needs manual material transportation of ceramsite, manual mixing on-site, and manual consumption is significant.


The production cost of lightweight concrete is slightly lower than that of ceramsite concrete. On the surface, the price of lightweight concrete and ceramsite concrete is equivalent. However, due to the high human and material consumption of ceramsite cement, the cost of automobile transportation depends on the distance of the construction site, and the additional unit cost is high. Comparing the unit cost (cost per cubic meter) of lightweight concrete can save 10% than ceramsite concrete, so lightweight concrete has a better economy than ceramsite concrete.

Comprehensive comparison, lightweight concrete has the advantages of lighter weight, better thermal insulation effect, better waterproof effect, and better overall performance than ceramsite concrete, and foam concrete also has excellent pumping performance and construction performance that ceramsite concrete does not have. Low site requirements, low labor consumption, little unit cost, saving money, and saving energy.

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