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Our Best concrete Waterproof Protect Your Building

2020-12-18 15:39:24  News

How to give a definition of the concrete waterproofing?

The waterproofing agent of concrete can significantly improve the impermeable and waterproof function of the concrete. Its impermeable grade can reach P25 and even above. And it has the functions of retarding setting, early strength, reducing water as well as resisting crack, which can improve the workability of fresh mortar. What is more, it can replace limestone paste. Besides, it is especially suitable for roof concrete, bulk waterproof concrete, hydraulic concrete, waterproof mortar, etc. In short, it is such a material that is very cheap, ideal and reliable.

What is the importance of concrete waterproofing agent?

Concrete waterproofing agents can protect the structure of the building and the materials inside it from damage by moisture, humidity and floods. Almost every Building needs concrete waterproof because buildings are at risk of flooding and more water used in concrete is often greater than cement compounds needed. This excess water takes up space in the concrete, forming a network of capillaries similar to those of humans. This provides a channel for water to penetrate concrete under hydrostatic pressure or capillary action. The risk of water intrusion is even higher when the local infrastructure is built at or near the water table, or where the soil is heavier and tends to carry more water. While the waterproofing system is only a small part of the total cost of a building project, the cost of fixing it can be huge if the wrong solution is chosen or improperly installed. So we the best concrete waterproof sealer provide you the most wonderful waterproof concrete. Waterproofing admixtures are used to make waterproofing concrete. Admixtures reduce the chance of water entry by reducing the permeability and shrinkage of concrete.

Advantages and disadvantages of waterproof concrete

Low material cost and easy application are two advantages of waterproof concrete. To produce waterproof concrete, premix manufacturers add a special admixture to concrete. The contractor does not have to worry about having time to waterproof the concrete alone. However, when you rely on the waterproof properties of concrete, you need to pay extra attention to the pouring and decoration process of concrete and the selection of raw materials. Poor pouring and vibration, insufficient concrete curing and poor aggregate quality may lead to honeycomb, shrinkage cracks or structural cracks, and make water permeate into the structure. In addition, adding water to concrete during concrete transportation can reduce the permeability of concrete. Good concrete mix ratio and proper quality control are important to alleviate these problems, but meeting given project budget and schedule pressures can be challenging.

How to use concrete waterproofing agent?

1. The dosage range is 4-6%, and the specific usage should be determined after a small amount of experiments.

2. For field mixing, mix well with gravel, sand, cement and other admixture at first, and then add water and stir. (30 seconds longer than without water repellent.)

How to pack the concrete waterproof agent?

Composite plastic bag packing, 25kg/ bag is preferred.

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