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Naphthalene Superplasticizer

2023-04-30 23:20:04  News

naphthalene superplasticizer, also known as poly naphthalene sulfonate (PNS), is the condensation product of b-naphthalene sulfonic acid and formaldehyde. It is a highly efficient water reducing agent that has high dispersibility, low foaming, noticeable early-strength enhancement, and strong adaptability to cement. It can be used in the production of plain concrete, high-strength concrete, and flowing concrete.

Superplasticizers are concrete admixtures that can reduce water content by 12 to 30 percent and increase strength and workability in a short time, usually with an increase in the water-cement ratio. They have many other benefits, including antifreezing properties to prevent concrete from freezing damage during the winter, good initial workability, and high slump retention with an early setting time.

Naphthalene based superplasticizers are widely used to formulate high fluidity concrete, fine concrete, dense cladding concrete, thin plate concrete, and some complex concrete structures. They can be applied to highways, bridges, dams, tunnels and other construction projects.

In this paper, the XRD patterns of CSA pastes and C4A3S pastes containing maximum and minimum dosages of BNS and PC superplasticizers were investigated at 2 h after mixing. Compared to the hydration products formed in the reference samples without superplasticizers, the hydrated products were more concentrated and the peak values of ettringite, ye'elimite, and anhydride were larger in the presence of BNS and PC superplasticizers.

According to the results, the hydrated products in the CSA pastes containing the maximum dosage of BNS and PC superplasticizers had a higher amount of ettringite than those in the reference samples. This was due to the fact that a large number of hydrates were formed in these pastes with the maximum dosage of BNS and PC superplasticizers, resulting in the formation of ettringite.

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