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2020-12-18 16:03:44  News

What is foaming agent?

Foaming agent is a kind of substance which is often used in our daily life and production. As the name implies,foaming agent is a reagent that can produce foam, but most of us are not very clear about what exactly it is. For example, sodium hydrogen exploration, which is added to our common carbonated drinks, produces a lot of bubbles when we shake to open the drink, causing the liquid to squirt out of the bottle due to pressure. Here in this article, we are going to talk about foaming agents, to understand the classification of foaming agents, and to understand the specific role of foaming agents. Foaming agent refers to the surface active agent or the surfactant that can not only produce a large number of foams, but also produce foams with excellent performance, which can meet the technical requirements of various products foams, and can be applied in the actual process of production.

What is the good property of foaming agent?

The excellent performance of foaming agent is mainly reflected in its strong foaming capacity, large amount of foam which can be produced per unit volume, and the foam produced being very stable It can not eliminate foam for a long time, and the foam produced is very delicate, which can use the medium to achieve good phase dissolution.

Classification of foaming agents

Under normal circumstances, we divide the foaming agent into the following five kinds according to their different uses, which include: rubber foaming agent; glass foaming agent; cement foaming agent (also known as concrete foaming agent); plastic foaming agent; polyurethane foaming agent.

What can the foam agent be used for?

About rubber foaming agent: usually people add rubber foaming agent in the mixing process of rubber. This kind of agent is widely used in a variety of rubber products, which can make the rubber products reduce weight and achieve the effect of light weight. Besides,it can also make the rubber products have more heat insulation performance, more cushion and shockproof good performance. Therefore, it is widely used in all kinds of rubber products, such as soles of shoes.

About glass blowing agent: generally, people add various kinds of glass blowing agent in the manufacturing process of glass, which can make the density of glass products produced more small. Blowing agent can make the thermal expansion coefficient of glass products smaller. At the same time, it can increase the mechanical strength of glass and improve its chemical stability.

About cement foaming agent: generally, it refers to the use in the production of foam concrete admixture, so that the production of foaming cement has good permeability, and it can increase the heat preservation performance of concrete, and it can improve the compressive strength of concrete and enhance its permeability.

About plastic foaming agent: generally, people add plastic foaming agent in the processing of plastic products, which can achieve the effect that reduces plastic density reduce the hardness of plastic products. At the same time, it can also reduce the hardness of plastic products, and enhance the insulation of plastic products and improve its sound insulation.

About the polyurethane foaming agent: polyurethane foaming agent is a kind of building material with environmental protection, energy saving and convenient use. This kind of foam has the function of filling the gap, which can carry on the bond very well and make the building materials achieve better sealing effect. At the same time, it also has the heat insulation effect as well as the sound absorption good effect. Generally, it is applicable to the use of plastic steel or aluminum alloy doors and Windows as well as the sealing between the wall and waterproof.

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