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Lightweight Concrete Blocks Prices

2022-12-27 05:20:04  News

Lightweight concrete blocks are used in building construction for various interior and exterior applications. They are made of recycled aggregates and are less heavy than traditional concrete blocks. This means they are easier to handle and reduce stress on masons.

As a result, they are faster and more economical to lay. They also have higher insulating properties. You can find a range of lightweight block sizes in various dimensions, from half-size to full-size.

These blocks are usually stacked one at a time. A typical light-weight block weighs 10 to 12 kg.

The main ingredient of the block is structural grade lightweight aggregate. Other materials are also used in making it. Natural volcanic materials are often used.

The production process of concrete block is largely automated. It consists of four basic processes.

During the initial production stages, the raw materials are weighed and electronically measured before being mixed. In addition, the concrete mixture contains various chemicals and pigments. When the concrete is cured, it may be painted with a baked-on glaze or sealed with a thermosetting resinous binder.

The final product is formed into a shape that is either rectangular or biaxial. Biaxial blocks have horizontal cavities that run vertically.

Lightweight concrete blocks are manufactured using a combination of slag and expanded clay. They can be purchased at a low price in China. However, there are some manufacturing plants that can produce up to 2,000 blocks per hour.

Because lightweight concrete blocks are lighter than conventional building materials, they are easier to handle. They also offer high resistance to air permeability and have a uniform surface finish.

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