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Influence of Water-liquid Mixing Ratio and Construction Site Management on the Construction of Cast-in-Place Foam Concrete

2020-12-18 16:33:21  News

1.The impact of water-liquid mixing ratio on project quality

At present, there are many manufacturers that produce foaming agents. They design the water-liquid mixing ratio of the foaming agent in a fixed way, making it impossible to adjust the water-liquid mixing ratio, which brings limitations to users in choosing the types of foaming agents. Because different projects have different functional requirements, the type of foaming agent should be selected according to the actual situation of the project. Different foaming agents have different water-liquid mixing ratios. A foaming machine without a water-liquid mixing ratio adjustment mechanism will bring difficulties to the construction of foamed concrete. There are many types of foaming agents, which can be simply divided into three categories: plant type, animal type and compound type. There are also special foaming agents. The mixing ratio of water to liquid has different grades such as 1:20, 1:30, 1:40...1:100, and the commonly used ones are 1:30~1:50. Because the concentration of the foaming agent solution directly affects the stability and bleeding of the foam, it affects the quality of the foamed concrete. As far as similar foaming agents are concerned, the smaller the concentration, the worse the stability of the foam body, and the faster the bleeding of the foam. However, if the concentration is too large, the foaming performance is poor and the foaming ratio is low, which will cause waste. Therefore, different foaming agents have different optimal water-liquid mixing ratios. This requires that the manufacturer of the foaming agent must design an adjustment mechanism for the water-liquid mixing ratio of the foaming agent, which is convenient for users to adjust and use to produce high-quality Foamed concrete. At present, most of the foaming agents produced by manufacturers have an adjustment mechanism for the amount of foaming, but there is no adjustment mechanism for the water-liquid mixing ratio of the foaming agent. This will affect the production quality of foam concrete to a certain extent.

2. The impact and control of construction site management on product quality

Regardless of whether it is a cast-in-place roof insulation layer or a wall insulation layer, the wetting treatment of the interface between the foamed concrete and the structural layer is critical and directly affects the product quality.

Before construction, the surface of the structural layer should be cleaned up to remove floating dust. The weathered and loose parts of the old structure must be removed. Then the water must be properly moistened, and the time of the water must be mastered. It should not be too dry or too wet, especially on the roof. Many construction workers do not do anything about it. In the case of very dry summers, direct cast-in-place, or excessive water storage after the rain without dewatering treatment, resulting in many quality problems. Because the structural layer is too dry, the surface of the structural layer will quickly absorb water from the foamed cement slurry, causing the contact layer of the foamed cement to lose water and defoam rapidly, turning into a precipitated dry net cement slurry powder, which affects the hydration of the cement The reaction results in weak bonding and hollow drum formation. If there is too much water on the surface of the structural layer, it will quickly dilute the foamed concrete contact layer. After the foam is diluted with water, it will foam, break, and precipitate cement. It will also cause the contact layer to form a certain thickness of net cement slurry, which will change the water-to-material mixing ratio of the foam concrete, causing landslides and surface cracks, which will affect the quality of the product It also caused artificial waste. Therefore, every link in construction site management is very important and will directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, it is very important to improve the knowledge level of construction personnel and management personnel.

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