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How to Make a Foam Generator For AirCrete

2023-03-04 17:40:04  News

How to make a foam generator for aircrete

Domegaia founder and creative director Hajjar Gibran invented the Little Dragon continuous foam generator and now anyone can produce the required foam to create AirCrete, a lightweight non-toxic masonry material. This is the first DIY dream material that you can actually make yourself and build your own house with.

The process is simple and easy, you just need an air compressor & a foaming agent like Dawn soap or a professional product. Mix a 40:1 ratio of water and foaming agent to produce the correct density of AirCrete foam for the job at hand, then you are ready to pump.

How to use the foam generator

The first thing you need to do is test your mixture. Fill up your wand with the correct dilution of water and foaming agent, this is very important as it will determine the quality of the AirCrete you are going to make later on.

Measure the psi of the air to see how much pressure you need, this can be done by either measuring the diameter of the "slump" or using a cone to measure the height of the slump (this is not easy but you need to do it). Once you have a correct mixture, start pumping your foam and watch the bubbles form in the mixture.

Once you have a good foam, pour into a mold and allow it to harden over night. This makes great foundation footings, slabs and sub-floors for your home.

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