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How to Make a Concrete Foaming Agent Formula

2023-03-02 15:10:40  News

The foaming agent formula is important for producing efficient and high-quality concrete. The foaming agent should have the ability to entrain air in the mix, which helps to stabilize the concrete as it cures.

Synthetic foaming agents are hydrophilic and dissolve readily in water. They also reduce the surface tension of the solution, thereby increasing the stability of air bubbles.

Foaming agents that have a protein content increase foam stability. However, they may not be compatible with the cement particles in the concrete.

The formula of a concrete foaming agent contains a combination of surfactants, solvents and alkali ingredients. The resulting mixture is then diluted in water to create a foaming agent.

How to Make a Concrete Foaming Agent

The formulation of a concrete foaming agent requires a variety of raw materials and a mixing tank for the dilution. The dilution of the formulation should be done in a consistent manner.

Ideally, the ingredients are mixed together before adding the water and then the foam generator. This will ensure that the mixture is a solid blend and has a good consistency.

A standard foaming agent or generator is often detergent-based, so you can use an over-the-counter liquid detergent like Dawn, Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid or Axion. You can also get a commercial foaming agent from a supplier that is formulated to be used with a concrete mixer.

The foaming agent has to be injected into the cement mix in an appropriate proportion. A good ratio is 0.6 to 0.8% by weight of the cement. This is because the concrete can lose some of its strength if too much of the foaming agent is used. It is important that the foaming agent is injected into the cement mix at a stable pressure and that the mixing is carried out in a constant rotational speed to make sure that the mortar and foam are evenly blended.

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