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How to Make Foam Concrete Bricks

2023-07-09 11:25:02  News

A foam concrete brick is a light weight, solid and durable construction material. It can be made out of recycled brick powder or a regular concrete mixture, but is most commonly used with recycled clay brick. This is the preferred method to use if you have a large project to build and want to reduce the weight of your structure. It is also useful if you have to build on soft or unstable ground. Foam concrete is also very versatile and can be used as a road base, filling inside supports on masonry arch bridges or even encasing steel girders in bridges to make them stronger.

To make a basic foam concrete mix, you will need the following ingredients:

Mix all of the dry ingredients together very well and add water in small amounts. Continue mixing until the mix reaches a consistency of a very light shaving foam. Using a kitchen scale, weigh the foam to assess its consistency and density. You will want to aim for a consistency of about 3 ounces per quart.

After your mix has been properly weighed and blended, pour it into whatever form you want to use it in. Then, either pump or shovel the mix into the molds you have created based on your plan. This could be bricks, slabs or any framing forms you have sized correctly for your building. After the frame is filled and cured, the bricks can be removed from the molds.

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