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How to Make CC Foaming Agent

2023-02-03 15:00:03  News

Foaming agent is the chemical used in concrete to form a lightweight concrete. These agents are safe and are not hazardous to the environment. They can be used for all kinds of concrete products.

A foaming agent is composed of proteins. The principal foam-forming substance is a well-known surfactant. It performs a number of useful functions in the foam.

Other surface active sulphonates have fallen short of the performance of the principal foaming agent. In order to create a stable foam, multiple hydrolyzes are required. For high stability, a special high speed mixer is sometimes used.

The water-cement ratio of each type of foaming agent is different. A low water-cement ratio improves air bubble formation and makes the foam stronger and more stable.

The amount of foaming agent also varies. Higher percentages increase the lightness of the concrete. However, this does not necessarily increase the desirable properties of the concrete.

For the optimum quality of foam, the size and shape of the bubbles should be a perfect round sphere. If they are not, it can lead to the collapse of the bubbles. Also, it will hinder the internal curing process. This can happen because of the reaction of the ingredients with each other or with the cement.

Moreover, the temperature of the water is important for the proper production of foam. While a lower temperature results in a more porous foam, a higher temperature leads to a more stable and durable foam.

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