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How to Judge the Foam Stability of Concrete Foaming Agent

2021-01-21 11:37:27  News

The influence of cement foaming agent on the quality of foam concrete is extremely critical. A good Cement foaming agent can make high-quality foam concrete. The foam produced by high-quality cement foaming agent has good stability and can be constructed in a low temperature environment. The one-time pouring height is more than twice that of similar cement foaming agents.

The foam produced by the protein foaming agent has good stability, its liquid film is tough, and its mechanical strength is good. It is not easy to burst or excessively deform under the extrusion of the slurry. In addition, it has self-holding water, and the water on the liquid film is not easy to lose under the action of gravity and surface tension. It can maintain the thickness and integrity of the foam liquid film for a long time, so that the foam can stay for a long time without breaking.


The foam stability of the foaming agent has three effects on the pores:

(1) The foam of the Foaming agent can make most of the foam not disappear, and it is fixed in the foamed concrete after the initial setting of the slurry to form pores. If the stability of the foam is not good, most or a small part of the foam will burst after pouring, and the formation of pores will be very few, even shortly after pouring, the slurry will collapse, which is commonly known as collapse mold, causing complete failure of pouring;

(2) Cement foaming agent foam with good stability, the slurry is not easy to deform too much under squeezing, and has a certain resistance to pressure to keep itself approximately spherical, which can finally form spherical pores with good pore shape;

(3) Cement foaming agent foam with good stability, the liquid film is not easy to rupture in the slurry, and it is not easy to form the communicating holes formed by the gas collusion after the rupture. Therefore, it ultimately forms an ideal closed hole. The poorer the foam stability, the fewer closed cells and the more connected cells.

Therefore, the stability of Cement foaming agent foam cannot be based on the non-collapse after pouring, but should be based on the three indicators of non-collapse after pouring, the resulting pores are approximately spherical, and not connected to each other. Most people take the non-collapse after pouring as a measure of foam stability of Cement foaming agent. This is actually a misunderstanding in understanding and is the minimum standard for foam stability of Cement foaming agent.

Cement foaming agent foam stability can be measured by stabilization time when there is no standard testing instrument to determine its sinking distance. The foam stabilization time should meet the needs of the initial setting of the gelling material used. Because the slurry can fix the foam after the initial setting, retain the foam shape and make it become pores.

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