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How to Choose the Cement Foaming Agent

2020-12-18 17:08:43  News

Cement foaming agent is mainly divided into two types: one is the plant cement foaming agent  another is animal performance foaming agent.How do you choose these two blowing agents? Let us look at the difference between the plant cement foaming agent and animal foaming agent .

1. Plant cement foaming agent: The vegetable cement foaming agent is made of imported high-quality natural plant polymer material, which is produced by a series of complicated chemical reactions. The product is a pale yellow pure transparent oily liquid. Not sensitive to hard water, non-toxic, odorless, no sediment. The PH value is close to neutral, non-corrosive to cement and metal, and does not pollute the environment.
Advantages: The foaming agent is resistant to storage, is not easily deteriorated, has excellent foaming properties, is rich in foam, and has moderate foam stability. The foaming cement made of the foaming agent has the characteristics of low consumption, low cost and stable quality. The barrel foaming agent (200kg) can produce about 500 cubic meters of foamed cement, so it is widely used in floor heating projects. In the roof insulation project, the construction cost can be significantly reduced.

Disadvantages: Since the foamed cement made of the foaming agent has a continuous internal pore shape, the foamed cement has good gas permeability and poor permeability resistance, and cannot be used in water impermeability engineering. Compared with foamed cement made of animal foaming agent at the same density, its thermal insulation performance and compressive strength are slightly damaged, so it is limited in some applications with special requirements. Due to the stability of the foam of the vegetable foaming agent, the thickness of the foamed cement for one-time casting generally does not exceed 200 mm, otherwise surface collapse is likely to occur.

2 Animal cement foaming agent: animal cement foaming agent with selected animal (bovine, sheep) keratin protein as the main raw material, after a series of hydrolysis reactions, heating dissolved, diluted, filtered, high temperature shrinkage. It is produced by foaming equipment and manufacturing process. The production process is strictly quality management. The product is dark brown viscous liquid, low impurity content, light irritating odor, uniform quality, good quality consistency, good foaming and excellent The foam stability is a new generation of animal cement foaming agent.

Advantages: Compared with foamed cement made with vegetable foaming agent, it has better sealing performance and high heat resistance at the same density. Due to its excellent foam stability, its disposable cast foamed cement can reach more than 1.5 meters without collapsing, so it is suitable for the production of foam bricks, lightweight panels and lightweight walls.
Disadvantages: Due to the complicated production process, the product cost is high. The blowing agent is less foaming than the vegetable foaming agent, and the consumption of the foamed cement is high. It has a certain pungent odor and can only disappear after it is made into foamed cement.

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