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How Many Times is the Cement Foaming Agent Diluted

2020-12-18 16:12:05  News

Cement foaming agent is the necessary additive for foaming cement. There are many kinds of cement foaming agent, such as plant protein, animal protein, animal and plant complex protein and polymer. How to determine the optimal dilution of different types of cement foaming agent? Today I will show you

How much dilution of cement foaming agent depends on the following factors

1 to determine the performance parameters of the cement foaming agent you buy and the recommended dilution, such as the limit dilution, the amount of foaming of cement foaming agent, the viscosity of cement foaming agent and other indicators. Know these proportions according to the manufacturer's advice foaming multiple to try, and then you can properly adjust some foaming multiple to see the quality of foaming cement. Finally many experiments to find suitable for their own foaming products foam multiple.

2 according to their own type of foaming machine to choose the appropriate foaming agent, find a suitable foaming times and. Now commonly used foaming machine mainly hydraulic foaming machine, screw pump foaming machine and small hair mixing foaming machine. Different types of foaming machine power is also different, with the same amount of foaming agent output is not the same. Therefore, in the choice of foaming agent in the same place as their own foaming machine, so as to produce the highest amount of foam

3 how many times the dilution of cement foaming agent with the site construction temperature, pumping height, and the performance of your cement also has a great relationship. If the temperature is low, the foaming agent dilution should be as small as possible, so as to produce the same amount of foam, if the pumping distance is higher, the dilution should be adjusted.

Therefore, the dilution ratio of cement foaming agent can not be determined, according to the foaming agent performance, their own foaming machine foaming power and on-site environmental strain to adjust.

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