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How Does Foam Beton Affect the Strength of Concrete?

2023-07-06 13:55:03  News

foam beton is a lightweight concrete that contains air bubbles and foamed cement slurry. It has been a popular option for construction because it requires significantly less material to achieve the same strength. foam beton also has a much lower density than traditional concrete, reducing environmental concerns.

The aggregate type used can have a significant effect on the strength of foam concrete. For example, RCA has been shown to increase the compressive strength of foam concrete when replacing sand. This is because the empty texture of RCA increases the porosity, leading to improved water absorption. The pozzolanic reaction of the FA leads to higher strengths as well [2].

In addition to the aggregate, the foaming agent can influence the quality of foam beton. The surfactant used must be capable of stabilizing the foam, and its dilution ratio should be limited. This will prevent segregation, and also help to maintain a consistent mixture.

Several studies have tested the stability of foam concrete. One test system involved placing balls of varying weight and size into beakers filled with protein and synthetic foams, then measuring the time it took for the ball to sink. The results showed that the foam with protein was more stable, and that a lower dilution ratio was required to achieve the same consistency.

A number of additional ingredients have been studied for their effects on the strength of foam concrete. Granulated blast furnace slag was found to be effective in adjusting the rate and amount of hydration heat, as well as controlling temperature rise during mixing and curing. This led to an increased compressive and splitting tensile strength of the foam concrete. Silica fume was another additive that had a positive effect on the strength of foam concrete.

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