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How Are Lightweight Concrete Blocks Made?

2023-01-20 14:50:03  News

Lightweight concrete blocks are used to make masonry units that have better strength and insulating properties. They are easier to handle than traditional blocks. The lightweight block can also reduce the number of injuries on the job.

A lightweight concrete block is a large, block-shaped unit that weighs up to 25 percent less than standard blocks. The weight can be adjusted to a particular project.

The material used for the block can vary, including natural volcanic cinders, expanded slate, and granulated coal. Some blocks may even contain pigments to provide color.

The light-weight block can be made with aerated concrete, which has many advantages over conventional blocks. Aerated concrete has higher strength, compressive and tensile strength, and better insulation.

In order to produce a block, you will need a kiln and a curing chamber. Make sure the temperature and pressure are right.

Lightweight blocks are cured in a kiln, which is a sealed room that introduces steam at 60degF for a few hours. After the steam is shut off, the blocks are allowed to soak for 12-18 hours in warm, moist air.

The lightweight block has a high fire rating. It can be used for interior walls or ceilings. For exterior walls, it is usually glazed. Color pigments are added to the surface of the block to ensure a uniform finish.

Concrete is made from a mixture of cement, sand, lime, and other ingredients. For a standard-weight mix, this will usually yield blocks that weigh 10-12 pounds. Various chemicals and admixtures may be added to the mix for increased workability and compressive strength.

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