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High Quality Cement Foaming Agent These Characteristics You Must Know

2020-12-18 15:30:51  News
Cement foaming agent is a necessary admixture for making foamed concrete. The foaming agent variety on market is very much, price discretion is differ. Good cement foaming agent have what characteristics. The standard of cement foaming agent mainly depends on the foaming times of cement foaming agent and the stabilizing effect of foaming agent. These are the two most important indicators we are looking at right now.

High quality cement foaming agent should have the following characteristics:

1. Large starting quantity, good foaming performance, and over 20 times foaming multiple. At present, the foaming agent foaming amount on the market is about 25 times, and the foaming multiple of high quality cement foaming agent is 30-40 times.

2, high foam strength, foam independent stability, not easy to form a connected hole, the preparation of foam concrete with high porosity, good insulation and waterproof effect. The foaming hole of foamed cement product is an important phase to measure whether the foaming of foamed cement is successful. The closed-cell foamed products have great advantages over the open-cell foamed products in terms of strength and seepage rate

3. Good foam pore size and uniformity, with bubble diameter ranging from 0.1-1mm.

4, pure objects, no sediment, and cement good adaptability. No crystallization or bleaching effect

5, no corrosion, no pollution, non-toxic, green environmental protection. Safe to use.

6, excellent foam stability, foam foam time exceeds the initial setting time of cement. And the thickness of the bubble hole wall stable bubble for a long time.

Qualified cement foaming agent makes foamed concrete fully meet the quality requirements, no separation, no precipitation, has the strength, there is a more uniform closed hole bubble, hole cleaning compactness, moderate pore diameter, low density, low thermal conductivity insulation good.

Check yourself to see if your foamed cement has any of these advantages. If not, change it! Good material can make good foamed cement products.

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