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High-Performance Foam Concrete Applications

2020-12-18 15:48:06  News
High-performance foam concrete is excellent in strength and item name in ordinary foam concrete, stable performance and good suitability. High-performance foam concrete in the following several aspects of the application has a great advantage.
1, building a stadium runway

Although there are a large number of pores in the foam concrete, but the pore is airtight structure. Through the modified appropriately, increase the pore permeability. Thus, although the foam concrete heat insulation, sound insulation function is affected, but increases the permeability and drainage ability. In building the stadium, they can use foam concrete as venue foundation material, and on the foundation bedding layer of pebbles and artificial turf, can realize the playground rainwater infiltration, solve the problems of ordinary concrete ground water in the past. In some coastal cities at the same time, can use foam concrete permeable brick, shop next to the coastal road, accelerate the drainage ability.

2, building main body material

Foam concrete is widely used in building construction. But because of the foam concrete bearing capacity is relatively weak, so most of the time for only a few of low-rise buildings, high-rise buildings because of the bearing capacity have higher requirements, therefore the construction safety consideration, foam concrete is generally not as the main bearing structure. But the foam concrete can be assumed to be decorative and functional materials, for example, many high-rise buildings use foam concrete production of lightweight insulation board or fire doors, etc., can meet the functional requirements of high-rise building use, and will not affect the construction quality and safety. Nonbearing wall to block the base plan is a good example of foam concrete application.

3, compensation foundation

Combined with previous work experience, the construction of foundation uneven settlement resulting from the load ability is limited, is one of the important factors lead to building quality problem. Therefore, we must strengthen the foundation treatment, increase the bearing capacity of foundation. Use of foam concrete as the main material of compensation foundation, can significantly improve the stability of the foundation. Its function mainly reflects in the following respects: first, the foam concrete has good function of seepage control, compared with ordinary concrete, within normal service life won't appear crack and other quality problems, can effectively prevent the anti seepage of groundwater; Secondly, foam concrete has certain compressibility, whether from the upper building pressure disturbance, or a slight earthquake can be done by a certain amount of deformation force scattered, genes can also avoid too much stress and settling problems.

4, cast-in-place foam concrete roof insulation layer Bulk density level bubble within the range of 200 ~ 1000 kg/m3 of concrete, coefficient of thermal conductivity is small, heat preservation and heat insulation performance is good, can be used as roof insulation material. During the construction of roof insulation layer to find the slope screed-coat construction together, reduce the roof structural layer number. Strong guarantee the level of the whole structure of oneness. Now put the foam concrete used in protective layer of floor heating and domestic roof insulation layer is very common. This is very widely used.

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