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General Situation of Application of Concrete Waterproof Agent at Home and Abroad

2020-12-18 17:17:18  News

General situation of application of concrete waterproof agent at home and abroad.

Waterproofing agent for concrete is an admixture that can reduce porosity and fill capillary channels and reduce water absorption of concrete or water permeability under hydrostatic pressure. Water-proofing agent can significantly improve the impermeability of concrete, strengthen the water-proofing or water-repellent function of concrete so as to reduce the water seepage and water absorption of concrete and improve the durability of concrete.

The concrete waterproofing is mainly used in industrial and civil building foundation and basement, underground railway, civil air defense engineering, tunnel, water storage construction, port engineering rigid waterproof roof and some special projects, such as nuclear power plant recycling water pollution, water tank and so on.

Classification and common varieties of water-proofing agents

There are more varieties of water-proofing agents, which can be divided into three categories according to chemical composition

1. The classification of inorganic water repellent

(1) The chloride system, such as calcium chloride, ferric chloride, waterproof agent, etc

(2) The sodium silicate, such as sodium silicate, etc

(3) The silicic acid powder system, such as silica fume powder, coal ash, silicon bath soil, etc

(4) The wrong compound

Organic matter is water-proofing agent

(l) fatty acids and their salts, such as calcium fatty acid, sodium stearate, oleic acid, etc

(2) stone wax and asphalt system, such as stone wax emulsion

(3) resin and rubber series, such as natural rubber synthetic rubber latex, thermosetting resin emulsion, etc

(4) water-soluble resins, such as polyvinyl alcohol, methyl cellulose, etc

Hybrid system

(l) inorganic mixed system

(2) organic mixed system

(3) inorganic - organic mixed system

The other application of concrete waterproofing are as follows:

Expansive concrete should be used based on ordinary concrete mixed with U E A u-shaped expansion concrete expansion agent or system. It can make the compensation shrinkage concrete itself to have the effect of anti seepage prevention, the mixture ratio design and ordinary concrete basic same, fully meet the requirement of reinforced concrete structure design code, and it also can be used as secondary crack seal leakage of old building technology repair use. The use of the concrete can change the practice of seepage and damp proof, simplify the construction procedure, shorten the construction period, and achieve remarkable economic effect

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