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Foaming Cement New Material of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

2020-12-18 16:31:21  News

Foaming cement is one of the most significant technological advances in the more than 100 years since cement concrete was created.It will be the heavy quality of cement and concrete light, functional, give it light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, fire resistance, fire prevention, anti-permeability, waterproof, anti-shock wave, anti-electromagnetic wave, permeable, breathable, filtering, corrosion resistance, water preservation, energy absorption and other dozens of functions.It is one of the most functional inorganic lightweight materials.Its invention and application opened up a special application field for concrete.In the future, foamed concrete will profoundly affect people's lives and benefit all aspects of society.Its significance will soon become apparent.

1. Thermal insulation application

The foaming cement contains a large number of closed air holes. The air inside the air holes is a good insulation medium, which can cut off the heat exchange.The lower the density, the more pores, the better the insulation.In particular, the thermal conductivity of foaming cement with a density less than 500 kg/m3 is less than 0.09 w/m•k.Usually the thermal conductivity of the material is lower than 0.23 insulation material, the insulation material is lower than 0.14 insulation material.Most of the foaming cement is lower than 0.14 and most of it is lower than 0.09, so it is a good thermal insulation material.

2.Sound absorption and insulation application

Open-cell foaming cement is an excellent sound-absorbing material, while closed-cell foaming cement is an excellent sound-insulating material. Both of them have a great market, especially for sound-absorbing material, which has a better prospect.

Usually the average sound absorption coefficient is greater than 0.2 of the material called sound absorption material.Its traditional products have two categories: fiber (rock mineral wool board, etc.) and porous foam plastics and foam glass, etc.Foaming concrete is a new type of porous sound absorption material, its average sound absorption coefficient is 0.8~1.4, is a strong sound absorption material, can reach the first or second level standards.

3.Energy absorption function application

Foaming cement has strong impact resistance.Ordinary concrete can be broken with a sledgehammer, but foam concrete is hard to break.Using its energy absorption, foreign countries have developed and applied a number of high value added products, such as the airport safety protection foam block, circuit safety protection foam block, road accident prone area safety protection foam block.When the plane, car due to runaway runway or road, into the foam block protection zone, due to the foam block impact absorption performance, make it stop and protect the aircraft or vehicle lossless.

4.Applications against electromagnetic radiation

Foaming cement is an excellent electromagnetic shielding material, which can absorb and eliminate electromagnetic waves.Recently, it began to be used in the military and civil buildings with large electromagnetic radiation, and its products are radiation protection panels, which are in great demand, especially in the military industry.It is estimated that the current domestic market demand is about 500,000 square meters per year, and its export market will be larger because of the large demand in developed countries.

5.Application of percolation and filtration function

Foaming cement with an opening rate of more than 80% has excellent permeability and filtration functions, and has been widely used in permeable floor tile and grass planting surface.

6.Application of fire prevention function

Fire door is a large lift door designed to cut off the spread of fire in middle and high-rise buildings.Foaming fire board, fire resistance is stronger, after foaming density reduced to 800 kg/m3, outstanding light weight, with great market advantages.

7. Application of impermeable and waterproof function

Closed-cell foaming cement has hydrophobicity and dewdrop effect of lotus leaf, so it has excellent impermeability and waterproof.There are two major markets for this kind of foaming cement.

In the building all need to be waterproof parts such as roof, basement, toilet and other pouring or masonry foam concrete, can dispense with waterproof agent, and achieve permanent waterproof, overcome the shortcomings of waterproof coating easy to fall off failure.With its replacement of waterproof material, low cost, long life, more competitive.

In the soil or water with large chloride ion content, the base, foundation pile and bridge pier of concrete engineering may suffer from chloride ion infringement.If a protective layer of foam concrete is built or poured on the outside of these engineering structures, since the foaming cement is impervious to water, chloride ions will not be carried by water to erode the concrete.

8.Application of light weight filling function

Road backfilling, such as approach bridge filling, soft foundation section filling, bridge abutment back filling, slope subgrade filling, road widening filling, permafrost zone foundation filling, bridge both sides of the pavement filling, karst overburden filling, anti-freeze heat preservation pouring, bridge pier foundation pit backfilling and so on dozens of applications.The application of this aspect, Japan is very developed, the United States and Europe are also very extensive.China has introduced technology from Japan, guangdong guanao road bridge company has done a lot of road projects in China, the ministry of communications actively promote, its development trend is good.Such as market development, the project is very large.

9.Application of light decorative materials and garden products

This aspect of the application of high added value, is one of the foam concrete profit of the application field, and the market is large, many products, few producers, very promising.

10. Floating performance applications

Foam concrete has been used to manufacture offshore oil drilling platforms and other operating platforms at home and abroad.At present, foreign countries are developing offshore wind power, and the floating foundation of foam concrete has been widely used in offshore wind turbines.

Overseas, foaming cement foundation platform is widely used in flood prone areas to build floating houses.

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