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Foamed Concrete and Cellular Lightweight Concrete

2022-12-08 11:24:06  News

Various ranges of foamed concrete are manufactured for different purposes. Foamed concrete can be applied in in-situ applications as well as in pre-cast blocks. It has been used in various applications like schools, houses, and industrial buildings. It is also used in construction for levelling floors.

Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) is a cement-bonded material that has several advantages over traditional concrete bricks. The blocks are lightweight and can be used for building outdoor and indoor walls. They are also fire-resistant. They are environment friendly, and are three times lighter than clay bricks.

Cellular lightweight concrete is usually used for load-bearing walls, ceilings of low-rise structures, and levelling floors. It is also used for the perimeters of dwellings. In addition, it helps to manage weight and prevent pollution.

Cellular lightweight concrete is manufactured by mixing a light mortar with preformed foam under pressure in a special static mixer. It is also possible to add materials to increase the density of the material.

A typical cellular lightweight concrete block weighs about three times less than a clay brick. It has high fire-resistance, low maintenance costs, and is a good choice for partition walls.

Cellular lightweight concrete is environmentally friendly, as it is produced from waste products of industries. In addition, it is termite-proof, and is also fire-resistant. It has been used in over 40 countries for construction.

It has also been used as an alternative to red clay bricks. In addition, it is an excellent choice for partition walls and is also ideal for building outdoor walls.

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