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Foam Generator for Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)

2023-03-17 11:40:03  News

Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is a building material that contains foam, fly ash and cement. It is a very efficient, lightweight and environment-friendly alternative to traditional bricks.

CLC blocks can be used to make fire-resistant, lightweight and highly durable masonry wall components in buildings. It also helps prevent air, water and noise pollution in buildings.

A clc foam generator is the core equipment in the production of foam concrete. It has a significant impact on the quality of foam concrete produced.

The clc foam generator can be used in laboratories, small-scale foam concrete cast-in-situ projects, and pilot lines of foam concrete products. Low foam moisture content, more foaming agent, high foam uniformity, large foam output and other benefits are achieved by using a good clc foam generator.

Filler-Cement Ratio The ratio of filler to cement is not more than about three times as great as the weight of the cement. A wide variety of filler-cement ratios are possible depending on the application and the desired properties of the resulting product.

Foaming Agent for Cellular Lightweight Concrete

The foaming agent of the present invention is a synthetic or protein-based mixture that is used in small but effective amounts. It is dissolved in water and then mixed with the slurry of cement, which may be prepared by mixing a dry powder of the foaming agent with a mortar mix.

The foaming agent of the present invention is not required to be added prior to the formation of the foam, but it may be added at any point during the preparation process. It is particularly suited to the use of bituminous emulsion, and it can produce a much stronger, lighter foam than the foaming agents that are commonly used in the industry.

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