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Foam Concrete Uses

2023-07-05 10:20:02  News

Foam concrete can be used for a variety of applications due to its lightweight structure and excellent acoustic/thermal insulation properties. It has high fire resistance and requires no compaction, vibration or leveling when compared to conventional concrete. It can also be pumped easily with relatively low pressures via hoses over long distances.

Foamed concrete is naturally self-levelling and can fill the smallest voids, cavities and seams of excavations, foundations or other structures. This makes it an ideal construction material where mechanical compaction is impractical or too costly and where excavations are filled with soft soils that cannot be compacted without damaging the adjacent structure or causing settlement.

The use of different foaming agents affects the stability of the resulting concrete. The gas-liquid interface properties of the foaming agent have a significant influence on the performance of foam concrete [3]. The type of aggregate used also influences the pore structure and porosity of the resulting concrete. The use of recycled aggregates (RCA) with empty texture increases the porosity and strength of foam concrete because it has a more porous texture than natural sand.

The addition of fly ash to the foam concrete mix increases the oven-dry density of the mixture and improves its workability, mechanical properties and freeze-thaw resistance. The spherical shape of the fly ash increases the fluidity of the concrete and contributes to its good flowability. The addition of fly ash reduces the cement consumption in foam concrete to up to 40%. In addition, the use of fly ash reduces drying shrinkage, which is a significant factor in the durability of foam concrete.

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