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Foam Concrete Price

2023-05-25 10:00:03  News

Compared to concrete, foam has less energy and materials required to manufacture. Foam also produces less waste during the filling process, making it a more sustainable option. Furthermore, the fact that foam does not require a curing time means it can be installed much faster than conventional concrete, thus saving valuable project schedules.

Foam concrete can be used for backfilling of voids and cavities, such as those under floors or in walls. It is also useful for filling trenches and culverts. The material is fire resistant and has good thermal insulation properties.

The lightweight nature of foam concrete means it can be easily transported and placed on site. This reduces labour costs and environmental impacts, and allows construction to be carried out on marginal ground without the need for costly treatments such as surcharging or soil replacement. Foam concrete also helps save on building costs by reducing the need for piling and sand drains.

The high insulating properties of foam concrete are ideal for acoustic and thermal insulation. It is also easy to cut channels and holes for electrical wiring and sockets. The material is ecologically clean, "breathes" and uninflammable.

Foam concrete plants, like the ones produced by Arecom, allow production of foam concrete at the construction site with a single push of a button. The equipment is very durable and can be used all year round. Necessary area depends on planned volume of production. For example, if one plant is to produce 10 cubic meters of foam concrete per day, the necessary area is about 150 sq. m.

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