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Foam Concrete Performance Advantage

2020-12-18 16:12:09  News

1) The cost is lower. From the perspective of the cost and usage of the materials, the foam concrete can better meet the engineering quality requirements during the construction process, and can also make various construction materials according to the shape of the molding die. The technology is mature and can be completely carried out. Automated production and construction, and can effectively save energy and manpower and material resources; from the perspective of construction cost, the cost is very low, the average cost of 200-300kg/m3 is about 100 yuan, so it is favored by the majority of construction units

2) It has good heat preservation and heat insulation effects. Its overall performance index is very good, lighter than other concrete, density is relatively small, can be interchanged with other concrete during construction; at the same time, the thermal insulation performance of foam concrete is very good, the density grade is 300 ~ 1200kg / m3, The thermal conductivity is 0.08 ~ 0.2W / (m & bull; K), about 10 to 20 times higher than ordinary concrete, therefore, has very good energy-saving performance . In addition, this material has very good fire resistance, and its properties are inorganic materials, which have a very long service life and can improve the overall thermal insulation capacity of the project.

3) Good shock resistance. Regardless of the structure or the force change, the material has a very strong load capacity and a large impact on the roadbed. Since foam concrete is a soft material, it has a relatively strong bearing capacity and can withstand more from The impact of the ground.

4) Energy saving and environmental protection in the production process. The main application of foam concrete is foaming agent and cement, which greatly reduces the amount of cement used. The foaming agent does not contain environmentally harmful substances, so the impact on the environment is very small, and economic and environmental benefits can be realized.

Quality control of the production of foam concrete

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