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Foam Concrete Mix

2023-07-06 20:25:02  News

foam concrete mix is a nontoxic, lightweight alternative to standard poured concrete. It’s ideal for insulating and filling in gaps and voids in any home or building, from old pipes to disused basements. It can even be used for structural elements in new construction aiming to be more eco-friendly.

Despite its lightweight nature, foam concrete is extremely strong and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. It can be cast into molds to form precast blocks, which can then be stacked and cut to size to suit any project. It’s also a great way to build garden walls, fences and retaining wall systems.

A foam concrete mix is a combination of cement, water and foam. It has no aggregate or stone, and instead relies on the air in the foam to give it its strength. Foam concrete can be made on site using a variety of mixers, but typically requires a higher water content to be pump-able and mix with the foam.

This is achieved by adding a water-reducing agent such as polycarboxylate superplasticizer to the base slurry. This reduces the amount of water required to achieve the desired fluidity, while improving the workability and strength of the finished product.

Foam concrete can be mixed dry or wet. In the wet method, a standard ready mix truck is filled with the base material and then mixed with the foam, which is injected into the mixer as it’s mixing. This ensures the foam is fully incorporated into the mortar, and is a more reliable system than mixing it in by hand.

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