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Foam Concrete Machines

2022-12-23 16:20:04  News

Foam concrete is a type of concrete with a unique mix of inert components and synthetic aerated foam. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is fire resistant. Besides, it has good strength and density.

Foam concrete is produced in a wide range of densities. The base mix is typically a higher proportion of cement than normal concrete. In addition, it includes a silica component which helps to improve the quality of the final product.

Foam concrete has also been found to reduce construction costs, including montage and transport. Moreover, it is completely recyclable.

In fact, it is an inexpensive option when compared to autoclaved aerated concrete. Today, more than 250 plants worldwide produce foam concrete. These facilities are mainly used on building sites.

These machines are usually mobile, easy to disassemble, and easy to operate. They can be equipped with a pump to cast foamed concrete into moulds. Another great advantage is that they have a high-speed integrated system.

Foam concrete machines are also useful when it comes to trench reinstatement. Their high strength and durability make them an ideal choice for such projects.

There are various types of foam concrete machines available on the market. These include the LF30 and the WF5. Each machine is designed to meet the requirements of on-site construction.

Foam concrete is made with a mixture of water, sand, cement, and a foaming agent. This mixture is then mixed in a drum. During this process, the blades inside the drum are used to mix the solution.

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