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Foam Concrete Insulation Material Will Become the First Insulation Material in the Future

2020-12-18 16:23:56  News

Organic foam board insulation mainly include polyurethane foam, polyphenyl board, phenolic foam, etc., with light weight, good processability, high compactness, good thermal insulation effect, but the disadvantages are: not aging resistance, large deformation coefficient, poor stability, poor safety, easy combustion, ecological environmental protection is very poor and difficult to recycle.The emergence of green energy-saving and environment-friendly material foam concrete insulation board can completely eliminate these shortcomings, will become the first insulation board in the future.

1. Fire prevention advantage

Foamed polyphenylene, foamed polyurethane and other organic insulation materials are inflammable, flascid, fierce fire, difficult to extinguish.Even flame-retardant organic foams do not prevent fires.Foam concrete takes cement as the main material, is the safe non-combustible material, can reach the A1 class fire standard, can completely meet the fire prevention requirements of any building.Building insulation with foam concrete, almost no fire.The research shows that the cast-in-situ foam concrete insulation wall can completely cover the steel structure in the foam concrete, and protect the steel structure. Even if there is a fire, the steel structure is not easy to deformation and collapse, which solves the fire prevention problem of the steel structure and plays a double role of fire prevention.

2. Durability advantage

The design life of buildings is generally 50-100 years.Organic insulation materials have an aging problem, and it is difficult to build the same life.At present, the design life requirements of building insulation related codes for organic insulation materials are mostly 20-25 years.This means that the insulation will not last as long as the building.Insulation works should be carried out at least 2-4 times during the service life of a building.This repeated construction of the building shortens the service life of the building.Because every time it's done, it's done damage to the building.

The durability of foam concrete is more than 50 years, which can be the same as the life of the building. Once thermal insulation construction, it can make the building lifelong thermal insulation, avoiding the deficiency of multiple thermal insulation construction. The insulation layer of foam concrete roof in heilongjiang, China and other places, which was built under the guidance of experts from the former Soviet union in the early 1950s, has been in good condition for nearly 60 years and is still in use.This has fully demonstrated the durability of foam concrete.Under the premise of standard construction, the service life of high quality foam concrete can reach 100 years.

Due to the poor combination of the organic external insulation and the wall, the insulation layer often cracks and falls off and other engineering accidents, which not only makes the durability of the project not guaranteed, but also poses a very serious threat to people.Most of the foam concrete is wall self-insulation, there is no external insulation layer off.A few take external insulation, mostly anchoring or dry hanging, not easy to fall off;Very few use paste, because the foam concrete and wall for the same material, bonding is very strong, not easy to fall off.

3. Sound insulation advantage

Foam polystyrene board and other organic insulation materials sound insulation is poor.On the other hand, the voice on both sides of the foam concrete wall is hardly audible.When the foam polyphenylene sandwich wall is knocked, there are loud sound holes.Foam concrete sandwich walls, on the other hand, do not sound so loud or empty when struck.Foam concrete becomes an excellent sound insulation material when the obturation rate is more than 90%.

4. No poison advantage

Organic insulation materials such as foamed polyphenylene and foamed polyurethane release a large amount of harmful gases during production, which leads to choking odor on the production site, serious air pollution, and harmful to the health of operators.In the early use, there are still residual odor, and in the late use, its aging decomposition will still release harmful substances.Therefore, its production and use are not environmental protection, later will cause white pollution.Foam concrete is basically inorganic materials as the main body, no harmful substances produced during production, production site without any odor.In the process of use, it will not produce decomposition, green environmental protection.From the perspective of building greening, it should also be the best choice for building insulation.

5. No large consumption of oil resources

In addition to the significance of emission reduction, building energy conservation also has the significance of reducing China's energy consumption and protecting national energy security.Most of the organic insulation materials, such as foam polystyrene, take petroleum as the starting material and consume a lot of petroleum resources.Although its use can make building energy conservation, but energy consumption of raw materials, energy conservation and energy consumption conflict, lost the significance of energy conservation.Foam concrete is made from cement, not energy.Although the production of cement has energy consumption, it is lower than the raw material energy consumption of polystyrene foam and the total energy consumption of production.

Therefore, replacing organic materials with inorganic materials for building insulation is the inevitable result of historical development and scientific and technological progress.Compared with organic foam, foam concrete and cement foam board has the advantages of fire prevention, durability, sound insulation and environmental protection.Looking at the future trend of building insulation, foam concrete will become the first insulation material.

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