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Foam Concrete Density

2023-01-03 15:04:03  News

Foam concrete is a lightweight and thermally insulating material which can be applied in precast panels, floor screeds and partition walls in buildings. It is a volumetric foam that consists of water in a cement-based matrix.

The mechanical properties of foam concrete can be modified by changing the composition of raw materials and varying chemical admixtures. It is a good candidate for 3D printing.

It has high compressive strength and resistance to impact. Foam concrete with this density is a good choice for bulk fill application. Typical use of foam concrete is for soundproofing and insulation of floors, wall partitions, hollow blocks, and pipe insulation.

Foam concrete with this density is ideal for manufacturing precast blocks. This kind of foamed concrete has a thermal conductivity of 0.24 W/mK.

Foam concrete with higher densities is used for constructions that require better thermal insulation capacity. They are also used for insulation in basements and pipes.

Foam concrete can be produced with a combination of cement, fly ash and a foaming agent. The amount of foaming agent varies depending on the required density.

The ultimate compressive strength of foam concrete decreases with decreasing density. A typical density is between 400 and 800 kg/m3. In addition, the foaming agent is often a protein-based one.

Foam concrete with lower density has a more porous interior. However, it maintains its dimensional stability after extrusion. Moreover, it is easy to transport.

Foam concrete is often used in architectural ornamentation. It has a compressive strength of between 1.5-9 MPa.

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