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2022-12-16 20:20:03  News

PB-Lux foaming agent is a soft and biologically based foaming agent which is suitable for cellular lightweight concrete. It is also a very safe product which doesn't affect the environment. It is suitable for use in all known technologies for foam concrete production. PB-Lux is a mixture of anionic and functional additives that form a highly stable, light weight, and low cost foam.

PB-Lux foaming agent is the ideal mixture of stabilizing additives and anionic surfactants. This foaming agent is used in foam concrete as a foaming agent, in polystyrene concrete, in cement plaster, and in masonry construction. It provides excellent performance and service at a competitive price. It is a very important product in the development of cellular lightweight applications.

The antifoam market is largely dominated by the beverage and beverage beverage industry. The packaged food industry is another major consumer of antifoam products. The paint, wood processing, and waste treatment industries also use antifoam agents.

The global foam agent market is divided into three regions. Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. The regional markets are segmented according to their sales and revenue from the period 2015-2026.

The market in North America is led by the United States. Other major vendors in this region include Germany, Italy, and the rest of Europe. In Europe, countries such as France, Great Britain, and Spain are also contributing to the growth of the anti-foam agent market.

The foaming agent is also called as a foam masterbatch. It is used in various industries including the construction, blow molding, and plastics industries. The foaming agent is mixed with water and air to form a thick, air trapped layer. It is a solid or liquid at room temperature.

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