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Fiber Use Analysis

2020-12-18 16:34:28  News
Fiber, right, that is the fiber that is commonly used in textiles, medicine, and plastic products.
Fiber is a natural or synthetic filamentous substance. In modern life, the application of fiber is ubiquitous, and there are still many high-tech technologies. The missile needs to be protected from high temperatures, the river embankment needs to be prevented from collapsing, the cement needs to prevent cracking, and the blood vessels and nerves need to be repaired. These are inseparable from the small body of fiber.
1 Anti-woven industry
Comfortable, warm and sun-protected is our initial requirement for clothing, which is now easily achieved. After the seaweed carbon fiber is made into clothes, it can cause thermal reaction of human molecules friction for a long time when wearing, and promote blood circulation of the body, so it can store heat and heat, and the fiber made of ultraviolet radiation can reduce the trouble of our summer umbrella.

2 military aspects
And the bigger role of fiber has long been stuck not only in everyday wear, but also in viscose-based carbon fiber for missiles.
Wearing "heatproof clothing" can withstand tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature; inorganic ceramic fiber has good oxidation resistance, high chemical stability, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation, and is used in aerospace and military fields; Polyimide fiber can be used for high temperature fire protection clothing, racing fireproof clothing, protective clothing for armored forces and flight suits; carbon nanotubes can be used as electromagnetic wave absorbing materials for making invisible materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, electromagnetic radiation pollution protection Materials and "dark room" (absorbent) materials.

3 Environmental aspects
As a fully biodegradable plastic, polylactic acid has received more and more attention. Polylactic acid can be made into agricultural film, paper substitute, paper plastic film, packaging film, food container, household garbage bag, pesticide and fertilizer slow-release material, and additives for cosmetics.
4 Medical applications

Chitin fiber is made into medical textiles. It has the functions of antibacterial and deodorizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch, moisturizing and anti-drying, and skin care. Therefore, it can be made into various hemostatic cotton, bandages and gauze. It will naturally degrade after being discarded and will not pollute the environment. Polyacrylamide hydrogels may control drug release; surgical sutures made of polylactic acid or chitosan fibers are automatically degraded and absorbed after wound healing, and patients do not need to be surgically removed.

5 Architecture
Anti-seepage and anti-fracture fibe r can enhance the strength and anti-seepage performance of concrete. Fiber technology combined with concrete technology can develop steel fiber and synthetic fiber which can improve concrete performance and improve the quality of civil engineering. The former is for dam, airport and high speed. Roads and other projects can provide crack resistance, impermeability, impact resistance and flexural resistance. The latter can prevent early cracking of concrete and protect the surface at the beginning of concrete material manufacturing. In the large-scale projects such as roads, hydropower, bridges, the National Grand Theater, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau command center roof apron, Shanghai Hongkou football stadium, etc.

6 creatures
With the development of biotechnology, some fiber characteristics can come in handy. Muscle-like fibers can be made into "artificial muscles" and "human organs." Polyacrylamide is biocompatible and has always been a good alternative to human tissue. Polyacrylamide hydrogels can contract and swell regularly. These characteristics can simulate the movement of human muscles.
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It exists in the human heart, eyeballs, blood vessels, skin, cartilage and bone path, and provides strength support for these human tissues. Synthetic nanofibers form a gel-like gel at the fracture, guiding the bone minerals to form a structure similar to the natural bone around the collagen fibers, repairing the bones invisibly.

Spider silk has always been artificially manipulated by humans. The natural spider silk has a diameter of about 4 microns, and its traction strength is equivalent to 5 times that of steel. It also has excellent waterproof and telescopic functions. If you create an artificial spider silk with the characteristics of natural spider silk, it will have a wide range of uses. It can be used not only as an ideal material for parachutes and car seat belts, but also as a surgical suture that is easily absorbed by the body.

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