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Features of Lightweight Concrete Partition Wall AAC Panels

2020-12-18 16:08:43  News

What is AAC panels?

AAC panel is a new type of building material, which not only satisfies the high-strength earthquake resistance, impact resistance, durability, fire and heat insulation, waterproof and moisture resistance of the wall, and can nail and hang heavy objects. The lightweight partition board uses two special cemented mud panels (replacing the plastering of the masonry wall), which can withstand the impact of the outside world and strengthen the rigidity, strength, high temperature resistance, waterproof, fireproof and impact resistance of the wall. Various features such as anti-variable function.

Twelve functions and features of AAC panel

1. Lightweight, solid at any interval

Lightweight partition wall panels, firewall panels, sound insulation wall panels, moisture-proof wall panels, with a dead weight of only 40-78kg/m2, no plastering, 1/6 of the brick wall masonry, 1/2 of the general light wall.

Generally, masonry must be built above the beams, which cannot be spaced at random, which has great limitations. Wall panels can be spaced at will.

2. Green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving wall materials

All materials of lightweight concrete partition board do not contain harmful substances and radioactive substances to the human body, and the function of heat preservation and energy saving is much better than other walls.

3. High seismic and impact resistance

Because it is a fabricated wall, the board itself is a three-in-one structure of concave and convex, and the board and the board are tenoned into a whole, and the functions of impact resistance and bending resistance are incomparable to the masonry wall.

4. High durability

The materials of lightweight concrete partition board are all concrete, polystyrene particles, cement, etc. The raw materials are all stable materials, and the three-in-one structure is not easy to be damaged or deformed, so it has high durability.

5. The highest fire rating, heat insulation, and heat preservation effect

The fire resistance time is more than 4 hours, and it is a Class A fireproof material. The uniform back temperature is only 37℃ for 4 hours of incineration at 1000℃. Fire resistance function: 50mm=92 minutes, 75mm=188 minutes, 100mm=240 minutes. Generally, masonry has no heat insulation function and conducts quickly when exposed to heat, which is not conducive to fire prevention.

6. The best sound insulation effect

46dB sound insulation effect. Because the raw material is easy to reflect, it has a strong sound insulation effect, which is better than the sound insulation effect of general masonry (about 32dB).

7. Waterproof and moisture-proof

Experiments have proved that the wall panel can be bonded with cement to fill the pool with water without any waterproof finishing. The back of the wall can be dry without leaving any marks, and there will be no condensation on the wall in humid weather. Beads.

General masonry is not moisture-proof, and it will peel off after a long time.

8. Increase the use area

Compared with the wall, the usable area can be increased by 1 square meters for every 12 meters along the length. Generally, the masonry is at least 120mm, which occupies a valuable useful area. If a template is used as the internal partition, it can increase the useful area of several square meters.

9. Optimum hanging power for lightweight concrete wall panels

Single-point hanging force is up to 50kg, can be nailed, and can be posted with magnets.

General masonry, especially solid masonry, cannot be nailed arbitrarily, which brings trouble and difficulty to the decoration work behind.

10. It can be used as a thin web wall with the largest span and height

Because of its high strength and good overall function, it can be used as a wall spacing with high storeys and large spans. It only needs to be simply anchored by steel structure, and the section steel is embedded in the wall. Large spans and high storey walls are not required The column body added on the wall has an impact resistance 1.5 times that of ordinary masonry.

11. High construction power

Because the equipment is convenient, no wall bricks and plastering are needed, the construction period can be shortened, and the installation is ready for use, the slotting is convenient, the water and electricity pipeline equipment is convenient, the construction power is 8-10 times that of the general masonry, and it is a high-quality wall that can be reused .

12. Construction dry work, clean, civilized lunch

Concise transportation during construction, sanitary accumulation, no need for batching, dry work, no residual mud, low loss, little waste on the construction site, and civilized construction. The material delivery weight is 1/6 of the brick wall masonry weight. Generally, there is a lot of rubbish from masonry construction, the construction site is dirty, messy, and poor, and the horizontal and straight transportation are under great pressure.

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