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Different Kinds of Concrete Foaming Agent

2020-12-18 16:50:02  News

Foaming agents play an important role in different fields, such as porous materials, cosmetics, food, fire fighting and oil recovery.There are many kinds of foaming agents, and their performance evaluation indexes are mainly foamability and stability.

It was found that the foaming order of various foaming agents was: anionic surfactant > protein foaming agent > rosin resin foaming agent > non-ionic surfactant;

According to the order of foam stability: protein foaming agent > non-ionic surfactant > anionic surfactant > rosin resin foaming agent;According to the foaming cost sequencing: protein foaming agent highest, rosin resin foaming agent lowest.

Problems in the application of foaming agent in foamed concrete include: (1) none of them can fully meet the requirements of foam performance;(2) low foam stability of surfactant;(3) the application cost of surfactants is relatively high;(4) the damage of surfactants to the ecological environment is relatively high.

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