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Cored Composite Block Will be Widely Used in Construction Industry

2020-12-18 16:27:07  News

Foam concrete core-filled self-insulation composite block, referred to as core-filled composite block. This kind of composite block is to use has been formed and has a certain strength of concrete hollow block, lightweight aggregate hollow block, sintered hollow block, etc all kinds of hollow blocks for the shell, the shell casting low density (less than 200 kg/m3) foam concrete slurry, slurry after hardening became bartender WenXin nuclear, formed by a kind of new composite wall materials. Plays a role of support and protection of the shell and under load, while the foam concrete core room play a role of heat preservation, sound absorption, energy absorption, superposition of the two performance, can make its masonry wall has more excellent performance, especially to improve the thermal insulation and earthquake, such as sound absorption performance, it overcomes the defect of hollow block wall, and to make up for the deficiency of the poor strength of foam concrete, the 1 + 1 > 2 effect of composite materials.

The application advantages of core-filled composite blocks are summarized as follows:

1 Conducive to the realization of external wall self-insulation

Since the external wall thermal insulation is still used in China, it is difficult to achieve. The outstanding advantage of this product is that it can completely realize the self-insulation of the external wall, eliminate the polystyrene board insulation layer, and meet the technical requirements of 65% or 75% of building energy saving in the case of multi-row hole filled block or multi-layer masonry of single-row hole filled block.

2 Overcome the hollow block is not easy to build, empty drum cracking

Hollow block in the application exposed two major deficiencies. First, due to its thin wall (1.5cm-2cm), it is very difficult to spread mortar during masonry. A large amount of mortar falls into the hollow, resulting in less than full mortar. This not only wasted mortar, more important is between the blocks due to insufficient mortar and the binding force decreased, resulting in hollow block wall hollow cracking serious. After the hollow filled with foam concrete, mortar is very easy to spread, no

But accelerated construction speed, saved mortar, and solved empty drum craze, kill three birds with one stone.

3. Improve the heat storage performance and sound insulation performance of the wall

Although the air in the hollow wall has a certain thermal insulation, but the heat storage is very poor. Foam concrete has good heat storage. After the hollow block is filled with foamed concrete, the wall constructed will not only keep warm but also store heat. The wall will cool down slowly at night, which is conducive to the stability of indoor temperature.

In addition, after the hollow block is filled with foam concrete, the sound insulation performance of the masonry wall is also improved. Therefore, the sound insulation of hollow wall is not good, the air in the hollow is easy to transmit sound, and the sound insulation of solid wall is better.

4. Strengthen the shear resistance and wind pressure resistance of the wall

Because the mortar is not full when the hollow block is built, the bonding force between the blocks decreases, so that the shear resistance and wind pressure resistance of the wall will decline, affecting the building quality and service life. After the hollow block is filled with foamed concrete, the hollow block becomes solid, and the original combination of the hole wall becomes the combination of the surface, and the mortar can be spread full, the binding force of the block is greatly improved, so that the shear resistance and wind pressure resistance of the wall is significantly improved, ensuring the construction quality and extending the construction life.

5.It improves the air tightness of the building and is conducive to heat preservation

Due to the small joint area of the original hollow block masonry joints and the loss of mortar, the masonry joints are difficult to be compactness, air permeability and air leakage, reducing the thermal insulation performance of the building. After the foam concrete is filled, the bonding surface of the block increases, and the masonry mortar is full and the masonry joints are compact, so the air tightness of the building is greatly improved. This is not only good for building insulation, but also can save more energy.

6.Reduce the construction cost

Since the core-filled block can realize the self-insulation of the external wall, eliminating the external insulation layer, at the same time, it can save the masonry mortar, accelerate the masonry speed of the block, and save labor. Therefore, compared with the traditional hollow block building, this product can reduce the overall cost by 3%-5% and improve the economic benefits.

Cored composite block is an ideal upgrading and upgrading product of hollow block, which has important significance and advantages for promoting the transformation and development of hollow block industry and product upgrading. At the same time, it also plays an important role in improving the quality and prolonging the service life of hollow block buildings in China.

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