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Concrete Waterproof Reviews

2020-12-18 17:01:20  News

What is concrete waterproof agent?

The concrete waterproofing additive is a kind of chemical admixture, added in cement. When the cement sets and hardens, the volume expands and plays the role of compensating shrinkage and tensioning steel to produce prestress and filling the cement gap. Waterproof agent, also known as waterproof essence, plugging king, plugging spirit, and new waterproof material, is divided into organic and inorganic two, is a new high-tech waterproof products. Advanced fatty acid type mortar waterproof agent has a long waterproof life, wide range of application, simple construction, low cost, safety and environmental protection (up to oral non-toxic level) characteristics. Its  implementation standard is jc474-2008 (mortar, concrete waterproof agent) standard. It is difficult for some hydrophobic agent such as calcium stearate to quickly mix with cement mortar evenly, especially mechanical construction plaster material is not an appropriate hydrophobic additive for dry mixing mortar.

Application range of waterproof concrete

It is used in basement, toilet, storage tank, purification tank, tunnel and roof, roof, ground, wall and other waterproof works.

What are the properties of cement waterproofing agent?

1.The calcium sulphoaluminate expander component of this product is very effective in compensating concrete shrinkage to achieve crack resistance; Concrete in the water curing 14 days limit expansion rate is ≥0.015%, and the general waterproof agent can only resist seepage, not crack.

2.The efficient water-reducing agent of this product can reduce the water-cement ratio of concrete, increase the workability and compactness of concrete, hence further reduce the shrinkage rate of concrete, fill in the internal porosity of concrete, and improve the permeability and high strength of concrete.

3, This product varies with the construction season, the compound retarding agent and other components. With lower hydration heat of concrete, it can reduce temperature difference cracks, so as to cast large volume concrete, summer construction concrete, or add early strength agent or anti-freeze agent and can cast winter early strength anti-freeze anti-crack concrete.

4. The reinforced concrete structure over 60m shall be constructed with the compensated shrinkage concrete of this product, and no post-cast belt shall be left. Instead of post-cast belt, expansion reinforcing belt shall be used to continuously cast concrete. It can solve the trouble caused by cleaning and gouging after pouring joint. Solute the problem that after pouring joints must be poured in 60 days, long construction period, leakage hidden dangers.

What does the classification of cement waterproof agent have?

1, leather waterproof agent

2, textile waterproof agent

3, mortar waterproof agent

4, silicone waterproof agent

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