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Choose the Right Material to Really Do a Good Job of Floor Heating Protection Layer

2020-12-18 16:52:42  News

Floor heating using foam insulation, such bubbles due to the thickness will be limited to 3 cm, pipe and foam thickness is only 1.5- 2 cm, to this kind of insulating foam material stays high, in addition to carrying the effect of heat insulation, but also people with a long-term under pressure and trample, do not produce collapse caused by a ruptured, heating pipe leaks, but general foam technology, material is hard to do.

A large number of experiments have proved that: because of the plastic foam material used in the floor heating project needs to paste for many times, the construction is complex, involves the long-time heating generation decomposition reduction indoor pollution problem, the original floor, pipeline, floor tile separation. People living and walking for a long time will destroy the foam, resulting in collapse, pipe compression fracture seepage and other phenomena. The lightweight concrete material with closed pores has excellent heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and heat preservation, which is superior to the lightweight solid plastic, expanded perlite, vermiculite, ceramicist and fibrous polystyrene plastic, asbestos and glass cotton insulation materials, which can be applied to floor heating insulation and heat insulation house to solve the above problems.

Lightweight concrete insulation principle:

Independently existing closed gas thermal conductivity is extremely low, when no flow quality of lightweight concrete porosity up to 50% - 80%, porosity is closed to each other, do not produce air in the pores, temperature in bubble transfer substantially reduced step by step to achieve thermal insulation, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation effect, bubble closed and quantitative decision insulation performance. So used for floor heating lightweight concrete foam pores must be closed, the higher the closure rate, the better the heat insulation performance.

Strength requirements of floor heating lightweight concrete:

The strength of lightweight concrete plays an important role in in-floor heating technology. In addition to the good thermal insulation performance of lightweight concrete must have compressive strength, compressive strength should be more than 7MPa.Ordinary concrete is 2500kg per cubic material, allowing 1%-5% gas content, and the compressive strength is up to 25mpa-80mpa.

When the bulk density of lightweight concrete is relatively low (≤200 kg/m3), the number of foams can reach up to 1 billion, just like stacked chicken eggshells. The flexural strength is bound to be greatly reduced, and its compressive strength is as low as 0.4mpa.In the load-bearing, pressure, earthquake resistance, bending resistance and bonding of the physical in very weak, but excellent insulation, insulation, sound insulation performance. But in the construction of floor heating and heat preservation, lightweight concrete soil with different bulk density can be made according to requirements to solve the problem of the balance between compressive strength and heat preservation effect.

The ratio of cement and filler of lightweight concrete used for floor heating is 1:2-5 times, the thickness is 2cm-5cm, the bubble diameter is less than 1mm, when the pores are closed, the total amount of foam per cubic meter is 50 million to 1 billion, the bulk density is 1000-1200 kg/m3, the compressive strength can reach 8MPa-15MPa.

The lightweight concrete cement foaming agent

Good lightweight concrete foaming agent is easy to produce foam and can promote cement hydrolysis. When cement mortar and cement foaming agent foam are mixed, cement and foam wall solution instantly react to viscous cement foam. Foam is evenly distributed in cement mortar, and pores are wrapped in cement mortar to form a closed and concentrated foam group. Because of the lightweight concrete fully hydrolysis reaction with foaming agent compound viscous force increases gradually, form of hole wall film toughness, good wall film is not easy to rupture, good pressure resistance, air is not easy to break, the porosity of lightweight concrete slurry is independently closed, about 1 mm in diameter, uniform distribution, until the hardening of the solid lightweight concrete rigidity, hard solid after the stomata are closed distribution uniformity, in 0.05-1.25 mm, the diameter of bubble makes concrete weight from 2500 kg/m3 to 300 kg/m3, air porosity 60% - 85% of the preparation of high-quality cement foaming agent of lightweight concrete compressive strength is high, The surface does not produce powdering reductant, does not reduce the bonding force, low water absorption rate, no hydrophobicity, repelling mortar, does not cause the wall and mortar does not bond off the decorations phenomenon.

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