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Cement Foaming Machine

2023-03-03 10:40:04  News

The cement foaming machine is the special equipment for producing foam concrete. It is used for development of experimental new products by universities, research institutes and other scientific research institutions and the construction company's on-site construction of small projects.

Foam concrete is the main material for floor heating and roof thermal insulation layers. It has high fluidity and good mechanical properties, and is also used as light filler in various types of pipes, tunnels, tanks and places where it is needed as a soil alternative.

Unlike conventional concrete, it does not need coarse aggregates and can produce more than a few cubic meters of foam per hour. This is the reason why it has wide application in the construction industry.

The technical core of the cement foaming machine is to introduce air into the aqueous solution of the foaming agent to evenly disperse the foaming agent so that the surface active substances in the foaming agent are formed in the liquid film and surround the air. Then the individual bubbles are formed by the gas being entrained in the liquid.

In addition, the foaming process is chemically activated and the water content of the bubble "skin" is gradually released. This enables the chemical reaction to occur in all the bubbles of the batch.

The cement foaming machine consists of a screw conveyor, a concrete mixer, a foam generator and a hose pump. It adopts advanced control technology and can precisely adjust the density of foam concrete; it is suitable for different foaming production.

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