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Cement Foam Insulation

2023-01-25 02:50:04  News

Cement foam insulation is a type of insulation board which is produced by chemical foaming. The cement foam material has low thermal conductivity and fire resistance. This board is widely used for exterior wall thermal insulation system. It is non-toxic, safe, durable and fire-proof.

Foam concrete is also a type of cement foam insulation. This kind of insulation board has different pore macrostructure. These pore macrostructures are chaotic in nature, and their size has a direct effect on the thermal insulation properties of the foam concrete.

A typical sample of the foam concrete contains small micropores and large macropores. Microporosity has a negative effect on the thermal insulation performance of the foam concrete. The pore structure of the foam concrete is also dependent on the percentage of fiber reinforcement.

If you are interested in foam concrete, there are many kinds of products to choose from. Some of the common ones are foam concrete precast blocks and foam concrete. You can use them to fill voids, old pipes, and disused basements.

There are other types of foam concrete, such as fiber foam. Polypropylene fiber can replace part of the binder component of the cement foam, and the most appropriate dosage is 2%. When replacing part of the binder component of the cement, the compressive strength of the foam concrete can be up to 1.69 MPa.

Allied foamed cement is a kind of foamed cement that can be used for waste encapsulation, leachate filtration, soil stabilization, and leachate treatment. It has excellent adhesion, high flexural strength, and good Mandrel bending behavior without cracking.

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