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Cellular Lightweight Concrete Machines

2023-01-05 08:00:04  News

Cellular lightweight concrete is a material that is produced by mixing light mortar with preformed foam under pressure in a special static mixer. It is an economical and environment friendly material. This type of lightweight concrete can be used for various applications including structural and architectural projects, leveling, void filling, and crash barriers.

CLC is made from Portland cement, silica, fly ash, and a chemical forming agent. The density of the final product is determined by the amount of the forming agent introduced.

The lower the density, the better the thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Lower densities are also ideal for filling in depressions and water-proofing.

Cellular lightweight concrete is fire-resistant and termite-proof. It is also very energy efficient, as it saves on construction costs.

The raw materials that are used in the manufacturing of cellular lightweight concrete are readily available throughout the world. In addition to sand, other materials can be used to produce cellular lightweight concrete.

These include fly ash, an industrial waste. The inclusion of this waste reduces the cost of producing cellular lightweight concrete.

Aside from reducing the overall strength of the product, fly ash is non-recyclable. However, this ash is not easily disposed of. Therefore, it is a very important ingredient in cellular lightweight concrete.

The cellular lightweight concrete machine consists of a feeding pump, a peristaltic pump, a foaming system, a foaming agent, and a mixing system. All of these components are programmed to automatically pump the foam agent and water.

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