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Cellular Light Weight Bricks

2023-04-04 06:20:02  News

The cellular light weight bricks are a popular building material. It has many advantages over traditional clay bricks and is cost-effective for construction.

They are lightweight which makes them easy to transport and install. They also reduce the number of joints that need to be glued together, so the construction process is faster and more efficient.

Moreover, they are environmentally friendly as they use industrial waste. They are also cheaper to manufacture than conventional concrete bricks.

CLC blocks are produced by mixing cement and fly ash slurry with pre-formed foam. They are competitive with red clay bricks in pricing and offer significant savings for finished structures.

They are more earthquake resistant than bricks and are 30% lighter than concrete. This lowers the effective dead load of the structure, which in turn leads to a reduction in foundation and construction investment costs.

Besides, they are more fire resistant than bricks and have good thermal insulation properties. This helps keep the temperature in your home comfortable throughout the year.

They also have an excellent sound absorption property, which means that they can be used for non-structural partition walls. AAC bricks also have macro-pores, which prevent moisture from damaging the structure. This translates into better wall paint and plastering longevity. They are also termite-proof and less susceptible to freezing problems. These features make them ideal for modern-day buildings.

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