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Cellular Concrete Mixer

2023-05-25 04:00:03  News

Cellular concrete is a lightweight material that uses air bubbles to reduce the amount of materials needed for construction. It is made by replacing small stone in regular concrete with air bubbles, which can increase the strength of a building without increasing the weight. The resulting material can also be used in applications that standard concrete cannot be used in.

In one example, cellular concrete is a perfect choice for earthquake-prone areas because it can withstand powerful forces that would otherwise cause the walls of buildings to crack and crumble. It is also excellent for cold climates, where it can prevent heat from escaping the building. Its low thermal conductivity means it is able to insulate the building, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.

The cellular concrete mixer uses a system to mix dry cement powder and other ingredients together with water and foam to produce a wet mixture that can be used in construction projects. This includes bridge abutments, retaining wall backfill, MSE walls, and floor decks. It can also be used to stabilize soil, repair sinkholes, and fill abandoned tunnels.

The system includes a hopper to store the dry mix, a mixing tank to blend the dry mix with water and foam, a holding tank to hold a portion of the wet mix, a foam generator to generate the foam from mass-flow metered air, volumetrically metered water, and foam concentrate, and a blend controller. The blending process is controlled by the blend controller, which monitors the weight of the holding tank to determine its fill state and directs the wet mix input to the mixing tank as needed.

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